COVID Safe Guide

When visiting our city events please be mindful that due to new restrictions we will no longer have general seating and lounge areas available to ensure our resources are adequately creating COVID Safe environments. We will still have cafe seating near our food and beverage vendors.

There will be COVID Safe informational signage as well as hand sanitising stations around the venue in accordance with health departments. There will also be multiple information hubs throughout the venue for both stallholders and visitors.

This event will be conducted in accordance with State Government Health direction and our comprehensive approved COVID Safe Management Plan. Any necessary updates will be provided via our website here and in direct communication with ticket purchasers. Vulnerable persons should talk to their doctor about what is appropriate for them.

The wellbeing of our visitors, our stallholders and our staff remains one of The Finders Keepers priorities. We have put in place comprehensive measures to comply with Government guidelines and current public health advice. You may notice some big changes this year when booking, attending and interacting with our events. Please read the information on this page carefully and feel free to CONTACT us at any time with any questions. It is a condition of entry for all patrons that they agree to follow our COVID Safe protocols.

Please ensure you keep informed with up-to-the-minute COVID restrictions via the appropriate State Government website.

Allocated Ticketing

In line with becoming a cashless event, and the obligation to adhere to a new capacity, visitors must book and prepay to attend The Finders Keepers Markets. For more information on ticketing and to get tickets head to the city market event page you are interested in attending.

Finders Keepers Goes Cashless

As we pay more attention to hand hygiene and the surfaces we all touch on a daily basis, the Finders Keepers is eliminating cash handling in 2021. Make sure you bring all your debit, credit cards or digital payments devices, as Stallholders will need to abide by no cash event rules too. 

COVID safety as dictated in our COVID Safe Plan

Part of being able to host events in 2021 is having a mammoth COVID Safe plan approved by health authorities and certain strategies in place including but not limited to a variety of actions for our community as well as our Sellers. These are the key points we are obliged to promote throughout the event. 


 Stay COVID Safe

Being COVID Safe is a shared responsibility. We want you to enjoy the Finders Keepers and stay safe. Please follow COVID Safe practices when attending the Finders Keepers events.

 Stay home if you are unwell

Stay home if you are unwell or have a cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath.

 Maintain social distancing

Keep 1.5m between yourself and others. You may attend events in your social or household group. Keep the distance between yourself and other attendees.

 Wash your hands regularly

Practice good hand hygiene. Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitiser where provided.

 Download the COVID Safe app

Download and run the Federal Government’s official COVID Safe app.

 COVID Safe messages

COVID Safe messages may be delivered before, during and after events. Listen out for information and follow the directions.

 QR Codes

Look for the QR code and register on arrival to events in public spaces.

 COVID Safe Signage

Look for COVID Safe signage and follow directions.


If event space is crowded, stay away.

 Feeling Unwell During an event 

If you become unwell during an event, locate event staff or first aid. In venues, approach a venue usher or staff member.

 Right to refuse

Businesses have the right to refuse service and must insist that anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms leaves the venue. This applies to events held in and around performing arts venues, as well as in public event spaces managed by The Finders keepers.

 Pre Purchased Tickets Only 

Tickets only available prior and selected within a limited time frame. Walk-ins will only be permitted entry on the day if tickets are not sold out prior. Tickets will still need to be ordered online via the user’s own smartphone or tablet prior to entry. 

 Public Transport

Using public transport? Keep up to date with COVID Safe travel updates.