Creative Catch Up With Mama Movement

Introducing Mama Movement, a vibrant activewear brand revolutionizing the boring black activewear market. With a mission to infuse colour, joy, and body positivity into the world of exercise apparel, Mama Movement believes that physical activity should be a celebration of self-love rather than an act of self-criticism. We caught up with founder Faye Tan to learn more about her philosophy as she prepares to join the Melbourne Design Market lineup this winter! Get to know this colourful brand below and save the date; we’re coming together on the 7th – 9th of July at the Royal Exhibition Building for three days of creative connection!

What inspired you to start your Mama Movement?

Having my daughter Mila, looking at her and thinking I wanted her to grow up with a different experience of her body than the one I had. And that’s why this became my passion project – inspiring and building a community of mums who would LOVE on their bodies with colour and show our children that strong and healthy is not one size fits all.

What did you do before you started Mama Movement?

I worked as a Design Consultant, but not in fashion – in financial services, of all things! My role involved assisting businesses in truly connecting with their customers and understanding their deep human needs. I would then help design products and experiences that addressed their pain points or brought them joy. It’s quite a long way from the activewear fashion world where I find myself now! However, my core values remain the same – creating activewear that addresses pain points women face with traditional activewear (such as those annoying sports bra pads that always come out in the wash; at MM, we’ve solved that by sewing them in) and crafting clothing collections that bring joy.

What’s your favourite product that you’ve created?

I LIVE in our leggings – so that’s definitely up there. It’s our most popular product and has been the driver behind our rapid growth – they are SO extra high-waisted, so stretchy, yet so supportive, I love them, and thankfully, so do lots of other women! I also have a soft spot for our spray jackets. I had released a rainbow print legging, and a customer said, “This would look AMAZING as a raincoat” – and now, spray jackets are also one of our best sellers, haha!

What do you love most about being a small business owner?

I love that I have designed my dream job – looking at colourful patterns and celebrating women – all day, every day. I’ve never worked so hard in my life, but I am so happy.

What’s your creative space like?

I’ll be honest; it’s not the prettiest – given it is a warehouse! But we have a little office in the front of the warehouse, and on the wall is a collage of photos from all of our past photoshoots – I love this wall because, in one look, you see lots of different women, different shapes, and sizes, colours, and they ALL look AMAZING celebrating their body in colour!

Can you share a market memory from your first Finders Keepers?

My most special memory of FK last year was when some of our Positivity Posse (our customers) visited us at Finders Keepers dressed HEAD TO TOE in Mama Movement. I cried. As an online business, we don’t get these types of interactions often. And it was so special.

What’s new for Finders Keepers this season?

We are bringing our newest Autumn/Winter Outerwear Collection, which we’ve just released, but we are also debuting some all-new Spray Jacket prints this year – exclusively at Finders Keepers. They were our top sellers at the FK market last year, and we wanted to return with new prints to showcase!

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Melbourne/Narrm Design Market
Friday 7th July 4pm – 9pm
Saturday 8th July 10am – 5pm
Sunday 9th July 10am – 5pm
Royal Exhibition Building
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