Creative Catch Up with Shuturp

Known for her relatable cartoons about the ups and downs of life is Gold Coast Artist Ellie Hopley, behind creative art and clothing brand Shuturp. We’re so excited to welcome Ellie to the Brisbane/Meanjin Market lineup this spring and caught up with her to learn more about the brand, where she gets inspired and what to expect from her stall this 2-4 September. It’s going to be an amazing weekend of creative connection, and we hope to see you there!

Hey Ellie, tell us about yourself!

I’m Ellie! I spend most of my time in my warehouse drawing, singing or dancing badly. If I am not there, I’m at Zambreros earing a burrito. I have two dogs (Toast and Jam) that are so spoilt and stinky. My life really just consists of me doing everything extremely quickly and wondering why everyone else is taking so long. Recently I was diagnosed with ADHD, and everything finally makes sense! Phew. I love my job, and I am so proud of myself.

What do you do, and how did you get started?

I am a full-time artist accidentally. I started an Instagram as somewhere to store my drawings, and people seemed to relate, and BAM. I have created this brand that I am so proud of. I mainly make t-shirts with my art on them but also do hats, socks, bags and prints. I have recently started making plates and bowls too. The options are endless in my brain. I have recently just got myself a warehouse space to allow myself to grow, and I’m excited to see what happens!

What’s your creative guilty pleasure? What do you do for creative play and creative self-care?

I really enjoy drawing on furniture, which is actually not the best idea because I don’t think before I do anything- I just do it. I am surprised my whole house isn’t covered in doodles. Apart from drawing, I LOVE music. I love singing, playing the guitar or just listening to a great song. I actually used to be a musician doing gigs around the gold coast! Jamming with my friends is one of my favourite things to do. I have promised a lot of people that I am going to release an album, so watch this space (I probably won’t).

What’s something people might not know about you?

Hmm, here are a few random things. I was born in England! I moved here when I was 12, so my accent has completely gone except for when I say things like “pasta” or “yoghurt”. I have three sisters, they are all insane like me. I love playing Fortnite hehe. It helps my brain switch of for a little bit which, trust me, I need. OH, I also bring my own coffee wherever I go because I am very particular with how I like it. That’s all I can think of right now.

Where are your favourite places to get inspired in Brisbane?

OooOooo Goma, new farm park, eat street (I be lovin food), just wandering the streets. Getting a scooter and yeeting around the city brings me a lot of joy and excitement, which then translates into a drawing of a naked person on a scooter saying “weeee”. It all helps.

Being brand new to FK, what can shoppers expect to discover at your stall?

There will be HEAPS of prints for you to frame and put around your house. Especially a few “poo” related ones for the bathroom. I will have t-shirts, hats, bags and socks too! I might even bring a few decorative bowls that I have drawn on. OH and my mum. My mum will be coming along, and she is very exclusive.

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See you at the markets!

Meet the makers at the Brisbane/Meanjin Markets this 2-4 September at the Exhibition Building, Brisbane Showgrounds. Tickets are available here, or you can grab them at the door.

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