Creative Catch Up With The Hunters True

Growing up surrounded by bushland, it’s no surprise, Jess, from The Hunters True, was inspired to create designs that reflect the beauty in her surroundings. Her quirky designs are handmade in small limited collections at her home workshop on the Mornington Peninsula. We caught up with Jess to get to know more about her creative process and find out what’s new from her small business.

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Tell us a little bit about what you do and how you got started?

I’m a self-taught jewellery artist living on the Mornington Peninsula. I’ve felt the creative ‘pull’ my whole life and love to find ideas and inspiration in everything that surrounds me and express that through the creative process. Having grown up in Central QLD surrounded by ‘wild’ bushland I also have a strong connection to nature, and the Australian landscape has always inspired me to find beauty in the unexpected. In 2018 I finally took the leap of creating my own polymer clay jewellery designs and have loved sharing my ideas and inspiration in a fun, quirky way through my designs ever since.

How has your business evolved over the past year?

The last year has brought so many challenges and a lot of change. I love attending markets in and around my local area and this was my main way of connecting with my customers, but with the arrival of COVID, that’s really changed. Over the past year, I’ve needed to evolve my business to find new ways to reach people. I launched my own website last year which has given me a space to really define The Hunters True and to present my pieces to customers worldwide. During the slowdown of lockdowns, I’ve learned to create more mindfully and really plan and think about what I’m creating and how I’m creating it. It’s lead to me making more thoughtful designs, which I am really happy with.

What keeps you inspired and motivated?

I’m always seeking out inspiration in everything that surrounds me and experimenting with ways to create and tell a story through my designs. The challenge of taking an idea and forming it into a physical creation, something truly beautiful that people will want to wear, keeps me excited and motivates me. Connecting with other makers and seeing how they create through their own medium and process is such a great way to learn new techniques and get a new perspective too.

What’s new for The Hunters True this season?

I’ve recently created a new collection inspired by the beautiful Sunshine Coast. There are some truly amazing new pieces!

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  • Sylvia Burns says:

    I have been following The Hunters Trues for the last couple of years and really applaud Jess’s unique creative styles. Keep up the great work.

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