Five Questions With Stentorian Leather

〰️ Stentorian Leather is an authentic accessory label built on the love of classic, timeless style, making the perfect go-to addition to your considered wardrobe. Finders Keepers is so excited to welcome them to our Marketplace!

Read on as we take 5 with this lovely Adelaide duo Sarah & Rob the makers behind Stentorian Leather! As they share the drive to create a beautiful product that does not compromise on their values of sustainability, quality and creativity, aiming to keep things clean and simple, an aesthetic that will survive the changing trends!

Be sure to check out Sarah’s favourite go to design at the moment the Luna bag, a classic every day design Click images to shop.

Who is behind Stentorian Leather and how did it start?

Rob and I started Stentorian just over a year ago with the vision to build a brand that we can be proud of.  Growing up I always entertained the idea of starting my own business, and I am a hopeless idealist. I settled on leather craft while living in Byron Bay a number of years ago.  I would regularly drive past a leather store on my way to work advertising leather offcuts for $5 a kilo!  One day I stopped to pay a visit and stocked up on offcuts.  I bought my first set of hand tools and that was when the making journey began. Later down the line I met Rob and we shared the dream of working for ourselves, doing what we love.  We wanted to create a product that does not compromise on our values of sustainability, quality and creativity.  With these values in mind and with a few years of leather craft experience under my belt, we started Stentorian.

What influences your work, and what sparks your creativity?

We aim to keep things clean and simple, keeping to an aesthetic that will survive the changing trends.

Generally speaking, my most inspired moments come post-coffee…  am I allowed to say that? I have always loved classic, timeless style and this definitely influences our designs. We aim to keep things clean and simple, keeping to an aesthetic that will survive the changing trends.  I am always looking to the natural world around me for inspiration, especially the earthy colours and tones. Working with such a quality material like leather is inspiring in itself, there is nothing like the feeling of pulling a piece of leather off the shelf and rolling it out on the workbench! For me, I need a strong purpose behind what I do to sustain the everyday creativity – without this, my inspiration dwindles. I’ve never been able to shake the desire to pursue what makes me come alive! As we evolve, I am excited by the opportunities this little business can bring.

What impact has 2020 had on your business and what has been the ‘silver lining’ during this time?

2020 has been a year to remember for sure! We started the year with a clear plan, full of enthusiasm – we certainly didn’t predict a pandemic.  Initially when our retail stockists closed their doors our sales significantly slowed down.  Our attention for this year had been heavily focused on partnering with retail stores. We quickly made the switch and concentrated our efforts exclusively online. Honestly, it has turned out really positive for us – we have partnered with some great online platforms like the Finders Keepers Online Marketplace (if you haven’t checked it out yet, you must!) and we have felt the collective support from the people around us.  We know this time has been extremely difficult for some, so we feel very fortunate to be in the position we are in.  We have been forced to change our strategy and we believe we will be better off for it in the long run.

What are you watching / reading / listening to right now that is inspiring and uplifting?

I can’t get enough of the ‘How I Built This’ podcast!  The host interviews founders from all kinds of start-ups and you get to hear their journey from start to finish.  It’s incredibly encouraging listening to the ups and downs that every one of these people experience, no matter how successful their businesses are.  Nothing like a bit of perspective – especially in a season like this! 

Where can we find your work and what do you love most about creating! Do you have a favorite go to design?

My favourite part about creating is having an idea in my head and bringing it to life!  I have always loved the challenge of making something myself.  When I am in need of something, whether it be anything from an item of clothing or bag to even a piece of furniture or household item, I have always felt excited by the idea of giving it a go myself.  It does mean that our house is full of objects I have attempted to make, some more successful than others… but I love this creative process!  My favourite go to design at the moment is our Luna bag.  I use this bag every day and I love the classic design.

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