Five Questions With Kindly

Phoebe, Kindly Debut stall at Finders Keepers Sydney SS19 by Samee Lapham

This one is super close to our hearts. Finders Keepers has been privileged to have Phoebe work in the events family for a few years now, you’ve most likely been welcomed by her generous smile and quick wit at the door!

The namesake Kindly not only encompasses Phoebe’s beautiful handmade ceramics but her personality too! She exudes kindness in everything she does!

Can you share your creative journey and a bit about the moment you realised you wanted to work with clay?

A few years back I went travelling and upon getting home, I felt like I needed to do something hands on and creative. I enrolled into a pottery night course. It was incredible and just felt so right to have my hands in clay. I loved it so much and have been making things ever since. I went on to study ceramics at uni and then Tafe which was brilliant. Clay is a such a good medium, its endless and all those who work with it know we will forever be mastering the art and always learning. It certainly keeps you humble.

Kindly Debut stall at Finders Keepers Sydney SS19 by Samee Lapham

Spreading kindness is such a beautiful ethos for business. How do you bring kindness into your day to day life and why is it so important?

I’m acutely aware of our relationship with the planet and our delicate dependence on it. So I know in the process of creating something it requires a level of responsibility. I want to create with that conviction and do the best I can to extend kindness to each of the relationships and processes within my practice. That means being, to the best of my knowledge, aware of where my materials come from – along with making my production and distribution as sustainable as possible. I’m all about buying local, trades, gift economies and supporting makers, especially women. I believe in slow, well-made making that will last. It’s also important to me to be kind to ourselves and others in the process of doing our best, not obsessing over our shortcomings in the desire to do good, to eat a healthy dinner after a massive day in the studio, to use that tube of hand cream and stay kind and generous towards those around us.

What are you currently working on, loving and inspired by?

It’s all about flowers for me right now. Think flower vases, carved petals and flower motifs. I think Spring has had a big influence on my design lately. It’s been really nice witnessing Canberra come back to life after a long cold winter. I’m totally here for it. Also seashells are making an appearance, perhaps a longing for the seaside and missing living by the beach. 

Tell us about your creative process…

My favourite thing to do is throw off the wheel without a plan. Let the clay decide what it will become and see what shapes appear. Lately I’ll set myself a task for the day with a little boxes, so at the end of the day I can tick it off. Pretty sure I just write lists so that I can tick things off. Also I try to do things in bulk now which is new for me. So one day of throwing and fervent podcast listening, the next day trimming the pots from the day before and then I’ll have big glaze days and sanding days. Efficiency is something I’m working on. There’s lots of unwarranted dark chocolate and sunshine breaks in the studio gardens!

Phoebe, Kindly Debut stall at Finders Keepers Sydney SS19 by Samee Lapham

What can we expect to discover at the Kindly debut stall in Sydney?

Think exposed clay surfaces, shades of pink and sage green. Expect nice vases, oil burners a plenty, cake plates, planters, mugs, butter dishes, tumblers and lightweight clay earrings. A reminder to bring your own bags just in case you eye something spesh.

You’re no stranger to Finders Keepers!
Is there anything in particular on your Sydney spring/summer market list?

I always make a note to swing past Bilboa, she makes everything and is lovely! One of Twelve’s beautiful indigenous silk scarves and bilum bags. Jika jewellery is beyond beautiful as is Thea Skelsey Art. Can’t wait!

Phoebe, Kindly Debut stall at Finders Keepers Sydney SS19 by Samee Lapham

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