Feature Product: Ceramics by Bisuketto Studio


image features ceramics vases – handmade by Bisuketto Studio

We are a little obsessed with these dreamy ceramics by Bisuketto Studio, who will be making their Finders Keepers debut in Melbourne this weekend. 

Each piece is hand thrown by Charmian, a Victorian ceramicist who is currently experimenting with tonality and tactility through her work. Charmian thinks of her ceramics as functional art pieces, and considers how each piece feels in your hands with beauty of form in mind.



image features bisk firing, ceramics cups, mug and lidded vessel – handmade by Bisuketto Studio


image features ceramics bowls – handmade by Bisuketto Studio

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  • These are really innovative handmade products, I really appreciate the efforts behind making these kind of products with different shapes and designs. Thanks for sharing..!!

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