Five Questions With A Boy Named Aaron


We think you guys are going to love this interview with A Boy Named Aaron.  Inspired by travel and people, we love that Queenslander, Aaron, isn’t afraid to be proud of his creative works!  Read on to discover more, and find A Boy Named Aaron at our Brisbane market in July.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to being your label.
Hello, I’m Aaron! The solo guy behind my own label ‘A Boy Named Aaron’. I’m humble at heart — cheeky by nature!

Progressively I’ve grown as an artist over the years and have a deep emotion for everything that I do – my work holds meaning and purpose. I like to consider myself as an ‘all-round’ creative having interests and having worked in fields involving photography, styling, graphic arts and product design – creating freely without limitations and boundaries.

I brought my label to the forefront around three years ago, drawing all of my skills into one outlet that I could express my vision and love for the arts; sharing with others on a connected level. Since, my handmade artworks have brought joy to so many Australian homes and abroad — that on it’s own is the most euphoric feeling!


Image features Cross, Palm, Heart and Shell Tassels handmade – by A Boy Named Aaron


Image features Palm and Hearts handmade and hand illustrated – by A Boy Named Aaron


Image features Frida Mermaid handmade – by A Boy Named Aaron

What would be one piece of advice you would give a first time seller at The Finders Keepers?
Set yourself a goal, but don’t set yourself any expectations. It’s a rule I live by naturally everyday! That said, my first time at The Finders Keepers was memorable, overwhelming and successful.


Image features Crosses handmade and hand illustrated by A Boy Named Aaron


Image features Dipped Curio Feathers – by A Boy Named Aaron and Aaron the face behind ABNA.

Tell us something exciting that you have planned for A boy Named Aaron this year?
Recently, I’ve began exploring the use of texture, textiles and findings. I’m really excited to introduce the first look at this art exploration at the upcoming Brisbane Finders Keepers this July with products for the home.
My brand more recently has taken on a softer palette in colour and earthy textures, I can’t wait to showcase these new products!

Name one resource that your label could not living without? 
The honest answer is my hands! Without my hands, I just would not be able to create what you see. Everything, is entirely hand-made, designed and/or assembled by myself — they are the mechanics of my mind (my hands that is)!


Image features Crosses handmade and hand illustrated by A Boy Named Aaron

Tell us about your favourite product from your collection.
Right now, I’m absolutely loving my new Palm Reading pieces. I cast this from my own hand and have taken a modern turn on this holistic therapy. They’re fun, bold and like anything I create hold meaning and purpose.

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