Featured Product: Garvstrom Bowls from Stugan by Garvstrom


Image features Garvstrom Bowls by Stugan by Garvstrom

Sometimes, it is the simple things that truly are the best.  Take these Garvstrom Bowls from Stugan by Garvstrom, for example.  The all natural, locally sourced materials give these sweet storage bowls a timeless elegance, and their versatile functionality makes them hard to pass up.   From keeping salt and pepper, to housing your favourite collection of rings, you’ll want a couple of these bowls in every corner of your home.

Meet Jake and Beatrice, the husband and wife team who design and create the entire collection of Stugan by Garvstrom products, at our Brisbane SS15 Market on the 7th and 8th November 2015.  You can also buy now from their lovely online shop, right here.



Image features Garvstrom Bowls by Stugan by Garvstrom



Image captured by Hannah McCawley featuring Garvstrom Bowls by Stugan by Garvstrom


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