End of 2013 wrap up post!

FKSyd_Web-2-244SS13 Sydney markets photo by Bec Taylor

FKSyd_Web-2-309SS13 Sydney markets photo by Bec Taylor

FKSyd_Web-2-383 SS13 Sydney markets photo by Bec Taylor

IMG_5966SS13 Melbourne markets photo by Mark Lobo

IMG_5867SS13 Melbourne markets photo by Mark Lobo

Wow what a year.. 2013 has been extra special to us all, full of challenges, changes and special moments. This year marks 6 years of The Finders Keepers Markets and our wonderful awe inspiring community… Ok excuse us now if we get a tad emotional!

We wanted to say a huge heartfelt thank you to a dear friend of ours. You see The Finders Keepers was facing hard times late last year. You might not know that behind it all we’ve put blood, sweat and tears into getting Finders Keepers to where it is today. The very amazing Alischa Herrmann came on board as National Event Manager this year and has helped us change and grow the markets. Alischa is a wonder woman not only does she run her own letterpress business, she also had her first child this year! All whilst working hard on Finders Keepers. Amazing!!

One major thing we have learnt this year is to keep fighting for what you believe in, don’t let go of your dreams and don’t be afraid to ask for help. There is an amazing community of people out there, you just need to reach out to them. So Thank you Alischa & Hayden and we’re looking forward to 2014!!

So on to the rest of thank you’s and there is a few!!
– To our wonderful FK team of workers both permanent & casual – Monique, Renee, Yesha, Luke, Ezra, Isabelle, Cass, Ian, Ruby & Jess. Thank you for all your hard work and devotion this year. We love you!! <3
– To our amazing PR company that help get the word out via printed & online press and do a damn good job at it too! Publissimo – thank you for your support this year!
– To the artists that worked with us this year on our seasonal artwork, decor and signage – Meeri Anneli & Supertrooper Studio. Thank you for being brillant to work with!
– To all the amazing photographers that helped capture many beautiful images and moment this year: Mark Lobo, Dave Kan & Bec Taylor.
– To our music co-ordinators: Tarryn Morris, Fabien Beillard & Alannah McFadzen thank you for bringing us consistently awesome music line-ups this year!
– To our wonderful event sponsors that we are so grateful for! Frankie magazine, Dann Event Hire, Australian Infront, Whirlwind Print & Made590.

Last but not least, the wonderful designers, artists and musicians that have devoted their time to being a part of our events!! You are the people that shine and the reason we do what we do!!

Thank you also to the people that come to shop and support small business, and attend our events each year. We love you! and can’t wait to see you all in 2014. The Finders Keepers will be taking a break over the holidays from today and we will be back in operation from the 6th January 2014.

Sarah & Brooke
Event co-founders & Directors xx

FKSyd_Web-6702SS13 Sydney markets photo by Bec Taylor

FKSyd_Web-6820SS13 Sydney markets photo by Bec Taylor

FKSyd_Web-6545SS13 Sydney markets photo by Bec Taylor

IMG_5919SS13 Melbourne markets photo by Mark Lobo

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