Sydney SS13 Markets Food Trucks & Farmers Lane Line-up

We are so excited to announce that the popular Farmers Lane is back at Sydney Markets next weekend!! Following on from its debut success at our last Sydney market, we are now offering double the amount of food stalls and an a additional Food Truck at this event. Proudly selling local produce, we also have local coffee by Allpress, the best of Sydney’s Food Trucks and also announcing a Stone & Wood Pop Up Bar!

Not only can you shop the amazing array of design & art stalls, you can grab a meal, a coffee and pick up some locally made goodies. Check out the great line up of food trucks & stalls below!


All Press Coffee Cup Illustration

Allpress Coffee:
Allpress is a Sydney based coffee roaster providing fresh, high quality coffee. Our speciality Arabica beans are of the highest variety sourced from all around the world, blended together and roasted using hot air roasting technology. This method roasts beans evenly in a stream of hot air with no risk of scorching or tainting and produces cleaner, sweeter tasting coffee every time.

Stone & Wood Beer

Stone & Wood:
Stone & Wood Brewing Company was founded by three blokes who share a love of beer, taking a fresh approach to brewing handcrafted beer in Byron Bay, one the greatest places on earth. Our brewing philosophy is based on brewing beer that makes the most of the ingredients available today. Beer that simply lets the flavours and aromas of the ingredients shine through by keeping the processes to a minimum. Beer that is simply good to drink. Our beers are an expression of the Stone & Wood approach to life – trying to take things slow and keep it simple.

Sydney Food Trucks:

The Nighthawk Diner Food Truck

The Nighthawk Diner: 
The Nighthawk Diner was founded by a couple of young chefs with backgrounds in French fine dining. They have been borderline-obsessed with American culture since they were raised feeling as though Chevy Chase was the father every boy dreamed of, and Sesame Street was just a suburb over.  You can expect handmade deliciousness that includes re-worked diner classics like the cheeseburger and milkshake.  Non-bastardized, handmade simplicity – all ingredients including the bun, made from scratch.

Veggie Patch Van Food Truck

The Veggie Patch:
The Veggie Patch Van will catch your eye with its farm barn looks but dig a little deeper and you will find high quality vegetarian food using seasonal produce sourced from local growers in NSW, a nod to the ‘paddock to plate’ movement aimed at reconnecting growers with diners. The environment also gets a look in with the van’s exterior made from re-used wood, solar power and all waste produce including packaging being compostable.

Bite Size Delights Food Truck

Bite Size Delights:
Bite Size Delights offers quality baked products and drinks with a menu featuring a range of traditional Maltese pastizzi, baked freshly on site. These popular and tasty handmade pasty pockets are filled with everything from the traditional spinach and ricotta; pea, lentil, fetta, chicken and mushroom; to beef curry; salmon, dill and ricotta; and chocolate.

Tsuru Food Truck

Tsuru Sydney’s custom food truck whipping up pork belly buns and yummy things on sticks.

Farmers Lane:

We proudly present ‘Farmers Lane’ – A selection of gourmet produce by local purveyors, makers and specialists of delicious treats & drinks! Something for everyone 🙂

finders keepers farmers lane

Not Without Spice:
We at Not Without Spice, hand blend, make and create, spice blends, salts, seasonings and rubs. We then turn these single blends into Cooking Kit/Recipe Meals which contain two blends with a recipe that serve 4-6 people. We have also created a line of Baking Kits, where you get all the dry ingredients and recipe. These make a whole cake, slice, biscuits and other yummy baked goods. We have then moved into traditional sauces, past down from Emma’s Mother, from her Mother. I think the recipe come from her Great great grandmother in the end. However we have added spices and herbs to make them new. We also have a Chai Tea Range and hazelnut Dukkah range of products. We source local produce for our sauces and the herbs are grown in Australia. Our batches are made before the market so freshness and quality is achieved and in small batches.

SWEETNESS hand makes artisan confectionery & sweet gift food. Our signature product is SWEET Mallows, gourmet marshmallows available in a 35 flavours. We also create nougat, caramel, fudge, toffee, Florentines, shortbreads, honeycomb and caramel popcorn. We make everything we sell – no 3rd party products – in our open kitchen in Epping, Sydney. We never start with pre-mixes, we make everything from scratch. Over the past 5 years participating in food award shows, we have garnered 5 Championship awards and more than 50 medals. What we do is special.

Sticky Chai: 
Sticky Chai is handmade by a couple of tea-lovin’ dudes hanging out in an old stable at the base of the Blue Mountain. We blend luxurious teas, loads of spice and raw honey, so you get all natural, and no funny business!

Sugar Deli:
I sell delicious freshly made Cupcakes. The Cupcakes are made either on the day or in some cases the day before the event and are home baked. Where possible I incorporate as many organic products as possible into my cakes and I always use only the freshest ingredients. I also try to include Gluten free/ Dairy free and healthy options for sale as well.

Perfect South: 
We are purveyors of premium Australian grown green tea that’s crafted using authentic Japanese methods. Our tea is incredibly fresh, natural, full of flavour and quite unlike any other green tea you’ve tasted. We offer a select range of styles from the last two harvests to ensure freshness and also provide exclusive and limited edition teas that are unique to the Australian market. Our tea is grown and processed in Victoria and then we taste, select and blend the range, then package the tea in Newtown.

Corner Smith: 
We have a sustainably focused cafe in Marrickville. A big part of our business are our house made pickles, preserves and cheeses. We will be selling a range of our bottled products – pickles, jams, relishes and cordials. We also have Cornersmith honey. We will be offering tasters of these products along with our house made cheeses.

Kettle Town:
Delicious tea from Kettle Town.

Petty Cash Cafe: 
We are a café in the inner west surburb of Marrickville . At Petty Cash Cafe we make all of our own condiments and for the first time will be selling sweet jams and jellies, punchy mustards, harrissa, relishes and garlic paste, friands, cakes and muesli, we even have honey from our own beehives!

finders keepers farmers lane

The Sweet Little Posy Shop: 
Bought to you by the clever folk at Bespoke Letterpress, for the first time ever at The Finders Keepers, we are very excited to bring you The Sweet Little Posy Shop! Injecting vintage charm, with the very sweetest and freshest in floral blooms, our pop up posy shop will feature lovely little flowers just for you.

Artisan, ultra premium, hand made Christmas puddings, using organic figs, Cooper stout and French Brandy. Each pud comes uniquely wrapped in a hand screen printed tea towel to make the ultimate gift.

Newcastle’s Pudding Lady:
Newcastle’s Pudding Lady is Australia’s premium Pudding maker with loads of interesting flavour combinations as well as our famous Traditional recipe. We will have available our range of Christmas Puddings, cakes and sauces

Miss Dani:
Popcorn gone a little posh.

Farmer Jo:
The Farmer Jo kitchen is a busy little place, where our muesli blends, both freshly roasted and non-roasted, are made daily and delivered across Australia and abroad. There are more of us now and together with lots of experimentation, consumption and laughter our dream is to create the most delicious mueslis ever to deliver you a breakfast that will inspire the senses!

Bloodwood Newtown:
Bloodwood restaurant & bar is located in the former Newtown Conservatory @ 416 King Street Newtown. The interior has been transformed to reflect the Sydney inner west suburb, melding industrial & new finishes with an emphasis on recycled and reclaimed materials.

Cicada Chocolate:
Inspired by the slow food movement and a belief in ethically sourced produce, Cicada Chocolate was created to make delicious bean to bar chocolate without all the additives and nasty bits. The idea is simple – to make really really good chocolate.

Pasta Emilia:
Pasta Emilia works hard to source local organic ingredients and maintain relationships with our farmers and producers. Anna Maria continues to use a few imported signature ingredients from her home Emilia – the gastronomic capital of Italy. She is still watching over every pot and mix in our Laboratorio di Pasta in Surry Hills.

finders keepers farmers lane
The Pines Kiama:
‘The Pines’ has been a working dairy farm since 1854. With minimal processing we now bottle our milk on site, creating an old fashioned, non homogenised milk that allows the cream to rise to the top – ‘the way it used to be’! We use our milk and natural ingredients to make a range of traditional Gelato and delicious Milkshakes. We also sell our milk direct to the public in 1L bottles.

Stratton Constructions:
Ash and his team will be serving up Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable Juices that will tickle your taste buds.

Casa Manu:
Casa Manus will be bringing to Finders Keepers Pulled Lamb Shoulder, served bread buns which are crunchy on the outside, and doughy on the inside. Served with home made truffle aoli, greek tzaziki and hummus spreads.

The Dairy Cart:
The Dairy Cart will be rolling into Sydney Finders Keepers with their authentic Italian dairy cart. Serving up 100% natural and sugar free yoghurt combined with yummy fruit compotes and bundles of fresh fruit for a healthy and 100% natural treat.

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