Garage Sale Trail 2013


Have you heard about Garage Sale Trail?
If you haven’t, in a nutshell it is one big day of buying, selling & ‘old school’ social networking!
So what does that mean? The nation of Australia comes together and hold their own Garage Sales, studio sales, pop-up shops, mini markets & events! Garage Sale is open to absolutely everyone, you don’t need experience to get involved – plus they can even give you seller tips and ‘how to’ guides for the day!

On Saturday October 26th, join hundreds and thousands of Australians on the Garage Sale Trail. You can simply shop and find your own treasures amongst the local trails in your area or you can get involved and start de-cluttering your home, studio, shop, work space or even start selling off those old hand made items or materials you no longer need? If you already have a local business you can easily host an additional sale or event, and do something special on the day!

What we love also about Garage Sale Trail is the impact they are having on Australia! They’re into sustainability, by redistributing great stuff and saving it from landfill. They’re into community, by making a great occasion for you to connect with people in your neighbourhood. They’re into you making some money from stuff you would otherwise have thrown away, for you or your favourite charity.

So far Garage Sale has redistributed one million items from potential landfill, helped raise $3 million in local fundraising, and helped 800,000 people to meet their neighbours in Australia. If last year’s Garage Sale Trail is anything to go by there will be pop-up record stores, art shows, bike sales, backyard bands, sausage sizzles as well as your classic clothes and bric-a-brac sales. Plus, it’s a great to chance to meet the people in your community or get a collective of friends or creatives together to start a sale!

Register your sale or create your own treasure trail to plan your day here:
So what are you going to do for this years Trail? We’d love to hear about your creative ideas and sales, make sure to share!

:: Above image is of Garage Sale Trail founders Andrew Valder & Darryl Nichols. Image credit: Adrian Lander ::


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