Sydney AW13 Markets Music Line-up

Our live music line up is now here for the AW13 Sydney Markets re-launch at Australian Technology Park on Friday 31st May & Saturday 1st June! We have 2 days of an array of wonderful live music arranged. With now even a bigger seating area for you to enjoy. We can tell you now, you won’t be disappointed… Check out the below for the line up and some snippets of the bio’s of some featured musicians.

Friday 31st May
6:00pm: Jackie Marshall
7:00pm: Annie Mckinnon
8:00pm: Melanie Horsnell
9:00pm: The Green Mohair Suits

Saturday 1st June
10:00am: Jack Shit
12:00pm: Night 0wl
12:45pm: 200K
1:30pm: Andy Golledge
2:30pm: DJ Dylabolical


Melanie Horsnell
The Cloud Appreciation Society is the poignant new album of acclaimed Sydney-born songbird Melanie Horsnell. Five years on from her celebrated album Complicated Sweetheart, this new offering shares heartbreaking songs of small town love and loss written in Candelo, her new home beneath black mountains. The Cloud Appreciation Society glows with a live acoustic stripped-back sound and is intermingled with Melanie’s quintessential starry-eyed voice, lyrics to die for and a delicate but timeless presence, which has made her so adored on the scene.


Annie McKinnon
Annie McKinnon is a Nu-Folk singer songwriter, Coonabarabran born, Sydney based. Annie’s music is influenced strongly by her background. She harnesses sounds and concepts and isn’t deterred by something that sounds odd or different, she captures that sound and moulds it into something great. Since 2010, these formative years of Annie’s live show have seen her play with acts including Flume, Sticky Fingers, The Rubens, Caitlin Park, Split Seconds, Oh Mercy, Emma Davis, Ngaiire, Elana Stone, and Underlights. In 2013, Annie will be releasing her EP ‘Your Ghost’, featuring the single ‘Tiny Forts’ that featured in December 2012 as the third track on YEN magazine, 10 Anniversary edition, compilation CD that also featured Beach House.


Jackie Marshall
Self-styled improvising singer-songwriter Jackie Marshall delivers a cinematic acoustic country music, drawing heavily from her love of 60s rock, folk and blues. With both her albums “Fight n’Flight” and the latter “Ladies’ Luck” released to widespread critical success in Australia, Marshall releases a new EP in collaboration with Tamworth country rock exponents The Fat Lambs in October this year.


The Green Mohair Suits (Solo)
They may have formed for a Gram Parsons tribute night in 2006, but the sweeping, expansive clatter and twang The Green Mohair Suits pedal these days pushes their country, folk and bluegrass roots as much as it respects them. A quartet of expressive songwriters that take their four-part harmonising as seriously as they take their dedication to a drunken good time, Brian Campeau, Richie Cuthbert (Cuthbert & The Nightwalkers), Jason Mannell and Ben Romalis have no choice but to shift what began as a side project up several gears. The Green Mohair Suits are about much more than delivering new takes on old sounds. Their inspired musicianship has seen them compile a collection of quality original tunes – a solid mix of heartbreak and hangover, humour and humility – that are crying out to entertain a broader audience. Occupying a broad musical landscape between influences like Beck, Fleet Foxes, Hank Williams, Tom Waits, Portishead & Gram Parsons.


FBi radio rascal and rabid raconteur Jack Shit found his girlfriend at Finders Keepers. She wasn’t cheap – but she’s lasted pretty well!


Night Owl
Night Owl started as a busking group about 6 years ago. Some people call them blue-grunge as they play a mix of folk/bluegrass with some grungey undertones. Since then the band has busked/hitchhiked across Europe and played countless shows around Sydney.


200K is brother duo Johnny Took (Little Bastard / Dirty Ma’s) and Matty Took (The Mountains/Callithump). Their country based songwriting channels glimpses of Credence Clearwater and Ryan Adams through banjo, dobro and acoustic guitar.


Andy Golledge
Moustache wielding man of mystery Andy Golledge is set to be your next best musical act!


DJ DYLABOLICAL is one of Sydney’s finer purveyors of forgotten retro pop, upbeat genre-defying party tunes from all eras and, for lack of a better term, “chilled cheese”. He currently runs the monthly 60s dance party TWIST AND SHOUT (now 3rd Friday of the month at The Brighton Up Bar) and has previously played at the Sydney Festival, the Gumball Festival, Black Cherry, Shameless, Purple Sneakers, This is Not Art and the Underbelly Arts Festival.

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