October Gift Guide 2012: Typography

The Gift Guide is back for October, and this month we’ve featured a pretty exciting theme! We asked guest contributors to share their top 6 favourite indie design items based around a typographic theme, from both Australia and around the world. These are all special items that could make a perfect gift for someone special or even for yourself! Make sure you check out our other monthly gift guides too!

Hello Polly
share their top 6 indie picks:

1. Planner M from Poketo
2. Kids Black Tote by The Design Kids
3. Alphabet Print by Amy Walters
4. Sun Shines On Tea Towel by Beneath the Sun
5. Marc Johns for Tattly
6. Hello Cushion by Hello Milky

from Inky Co. shares her top 6 indie picks

1. Numeral Gift Tags by Inky Co.
2. Le Premier Noel Window Decal by Attik72
3. Hello Is It Tea You’re Looking For… by Mr Teacup
4. Kiss My Art Brooch by bRainbow
5. Forever Young Print by Blacklist
6. We Are One Tote by Apple & Bee

Little Paper Lane share their top 6 indie picks:

1. You Are Amazing Card by Chrissie Abbot from AHD Paper Co. (A happy death)
2. ‘Page Thirty Three’ Cinematic lightbox from Little Paper Lane
3. Kiss my neon print by RK Design
4. ICP Cushions by Velvet bean
5. Life Sucks straw by ‘Page Thirty Three’ from Little Paper Lane
6. Turn me on lampshade by Seven Dandelions

Kirbee Lawler
 shares her top 6 indie picks

1. Market Tote Bag by Mary Kate McDevitt
2. Luck is Made 8 x 10 illustration print by Little Low
3. Springtime Owl Print by Small Talk Studio
4. After Rain There’s Bows A4 Print by Kirbee Lawler
6. Moon and Back Card by Quill and Fox

from AHD Paper Co. (A Happy Death) shares her top 6 indie picks

1. ‘Larry Gagosian’ Limited edition stretched canvas by Kim Gordon from Exhibition A
2. ‘Pizza Time’ from The People’s Pennant
3. Endless Summer Tote by Fieldguided
4. ‘Pony Express Motel‘ risograph print by Holly Wales
5. Limited Edition Pillow Case by O’Hara Hale from stay Home Club
6. ‘Tugh Life’ zine by Mark Drew from Perimeter Books

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