Featured Designer: Darkcloud Silver

FK chats with Nathan Thomas from Sydney based jewellery label, Darkcloud Silver

Can you describe your work to our readers?
Sleek and simple pieces with attitude. A bit like reminiscing with old vinyl from your dad’s collection with a modern spin.

What is your background and how did you get started?
Darkcloud came simply from me creating something that I myself wanted to wear, yet was unable to find in any shops. Also the notion to create jewellery for guys who don’t like to wear jewellery. I’ve studied both jewellery design and trade at Sydney College of the Arts and Enmore Design Centre. I have worked in different sides of the jewellery industry from contemporary design and manufacturing to fine jewellery. Out of it has come a strong desire to make something wearable that is unique, distinctive and timeless.

What materials do you love working with?
18ct white gold is my favourite material to work with, but with the scale I like to work at, silver suits well. Timber has been creeping into my work and I really enjoy the combination of metal and timber, the contrast it provides adds a depth that I can’t get with just metal. I like using vinyl for the records on my turntables and I am always keen to explore new materials and the challenges they present.

What or who inspires you?
I’m inspired by something different almost every day and it can come from anywhere. Recently I have been inspired by the tools that I use to make my jewellery. I look past the functionality in objects and look at the inherent beauty, proportions and the basic shapes that make up its form. I am also inspired by the objects in my life that have a nostalgic value or are significant to me in some way. My desire to create turntables comes from my love of vinyl which was goes back to my childhood.

What has been some rewarding and challenging moments of running your own label?
At the end of the day, doing what I love to do is the biggest reward I could ask for. Being an independent artist is inherently full of challenges, but doing things my way and getting great feedback makes it all worthwhile. Being published in a European design book and last year having Owen Wilson added to my customer list makes me pretty happy with how far I’ve come.

What can we expect from Dark Cloud Silver at the upcoming Melbourne FK Markets?
You can expect new works, some classic pieces, some bright colours and some bangles for the first time! Turntables, headphones and cameras will all be there. Some of my new ‘Tools of the Trade’ series and also a chance to get your hands on some limited edition pieces of jewellery that you won’t find anywhere else.


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