Featured Designer: looseleaf.paper

FK chats to Lou, about her Brisbane based label looseleaf.paper.

Can you introduce your label to our readers and tell us about your new collection?
looseleaf.paper is design studio based in Brisbane that creates artisan, handmade products. Our focus is to encourage eco design by considering the environment throughout our studio, limiting our production runs, as well as using recycled, found & natural materials. Our new collection, blue toile was inspired by a trip to South of France and embodies the idea of french royalty paired with the luxury of textures & fabric. The collection is made in a limited run and features a fleur-de-lys pattern which has been hand screen-printed, ensuring each piece is unique. The product range consists of sketch book, bookwrap, letter set, day bag & fabric jewellery, perfect for the dreamer or artist in us all.

What is your background and how did you get started?
I have always had a strong connection to my European ties and this idea of a ‘world traveller’ was instilled in me at a very young age. It is therefore not surprising that after completing a degree in Graphic Design, I moved to London for a few years to explore, dream & travel. As the story goes, there was a point when it felt right to come back home & embark on a new journey and so, the looseleaf concept was born. looseleaf.paper started as a way to connect the stories, inspiration & pieces collected along the way with the artisan aesthetic, bringing back the craftsmanship of the lost arts.

Can you tell us some more about your recent collaboration with oldyarns.?
I’ve always admired oldyarns. from afar so our collaboration grew organically from our shared interests & our love of stories and letter writing. We were fortunate enough to introduce  ‘the general store’ concept at the recent Finders Keepers in Brisbane, as well as launch our new project ‘the Postale Society’ (www.postalesociety.com). It all started as a little idea to start encouraging people to write & send letters or postcards to each other, the old fashioned way. We are so happy with the great response we have received so far, which proves that no one can resist the excitement of opening up the postbox to find a lovely surprise waiting for you!

What inspires you living in Brisbane?
It’s funny – if I was asked this question, after few months of being back home, I would have been blankly staring up hoping the answers would start falling from the sky. Luckily it didn’t take long for the answers to find me! Brisbane has a unique way of unravelling itself, there is a quiet beauty to be found in the everyday; the vast surrounding nature, the gorgeous coastline, a city ready to burst at the seams, and the undeniable Queensland sun but most importantly for me, it is the creative collective community. To truly connect with so many inspiring, talented & loving people has been a blessing in itself.

Where do you go to source your materials and inspiration?
With a strong passion for collecting – inspiration (or materials) are never far from reach. Whether it be vintage, found items sourced from trips abroad or the stones collected at the beach, the looseleaf journey starts from all these collected parts. Some will end up forming still life collections that decorate the studio & home, and inevitably will move around as time goes by.  Interiors & photography are a huge part of our creative process, so I’ll always take the camera with me where ever I go. We aim to incorporate many found & upcycled materials into our pieces, which is easier to do with limited runs. Also we focus on natural and recycled materials which are locally sourced where ever possible.

What is on the cards for the rest of the year?
There is new collection brewing which we can’t wait to share with everyone. It is inspired by Japanese design aesthetics & botanical plants…but that’s all I can reveal as you’ll have to wait and see!  After a recent journey abroad, the inspiration levels are through the roof so expect some delightful surprises as well as the same favourites, as we busy ourselves for the new season ahead.

There may also be another chapter in the Postale Society (www.postalesociety.com) story to watch out for so stay tuned. Our faithful postman, Frederick, has been busy delivering postcards all over town and the next installment will be posting again soon. There is still time for new members to sign up for the Vol 1/ Chapter 3 by clicking this here.


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