Featured Designer: Onehundred

FK chats to Jayden Osborne from Brisbane based tee label, Onehundred

Can you tell us about your unique tee label and the concept behind it?
Onehundred is based on the philosophy, “The best things in life are finite.” This is why Onehundred only produces clothing in limited edition runs of 100. Each tee comes individually gift boxed and hand numbered.

What is your background and why did you start your own label?
I’m a graphic designer with a love of surfing, skating, art and music. I decided to start Onehundred as I was tired of seeing the same shirt on ten different people whenever I’d go out. Rather than create shirts based on trends, we try to treat the tee as canvas to showcase art and in some ways act as a collectable.

What do you love about running a label and what have been some of the biggest challenges to overcome?
The best apart about running your own label is the sense of satisfaction you get from producing something that you’re not only proud of but others are also proud to wear.
 The biggest challenge I would say is finding enough hours in a day to achieve the things you want to and selling others and stores on your dream.

What inspires you about living in Brisbane?
Brisbane is an evolving beast, sure in many respects it’s behind Melbourne and Sydney but it is quickly catching up with a lot of underground culture if you know where to look. I think because it’s in such a transitional phase, it’s exciting, relevant and constantly producing more and more cool shit making it easy to get inspired.

What are some of your favourite sources of inspiration?
Just anything to do with art, design, music, surfing, skateboarding haha I know it’s a cliché but just popular culture in general. Plus the internet makes anything and everything accessible. The past is also an endless source of inspiration, the future is just the past entered through another gate…

What can we look forward to from you at the upcoming FK markets?
At Finders Keepers we’ll be sporting the last stock from our debut range but we’re also hoping to showcase a new, exclusive and highly limited run of prints on our new tee cut. It will be a sneak peak at our next range called “The Pop Cult Society”.


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