Featured Designer: Erin Lightfoot

FK chats Brisbane based to Erin Lightfoot about her art-deco inspired label and new jewellery range.

Can you tell us about your self titled label, and what we can expect to discover?
I am a print designer who decorates the decrable with colour and shape. My work tends to be abstract, art-deco inspired, asymmetrical and patterned. I’ve worked on fashion, swimwear and upholstery projects. My latest venture is a porcelain accessories range which I’ll be selling at the Brisbane Finders Keepers Markets.

What is your creative background and how did you end up where you are today?
I was raised in a creative family so creative projects have always featured in my life but studying formally helped me a long way. I started out studying graphic and web design but soon realised I was never going to develop a passion for coding so sought other avenues. Happily I found my way into a fashion design degree at QUT which was brilliant but the thing that really clicked for me was print design. I took electives with the art department in print making which I loved, then in my final year of uni I discovered the possibilities of digital prints. I designed all the fabric for my graduate collection and I’ve been building on that since.

Where do you find inspiration and what are your favourite websites & blogs?
I find inspiration by looking at the hard work of other artists and thinking “I want to be good too”! I get ideas all over the place from looking at pictures, or objects or colours… but mostly from mulling things over for a long time and trying things many times before I get them right or rightish.

As for websites, I’m constantly grateful for how convenient internet banking is… but more heartfelt love is felt for: ted.com, jessicahische.com, whatkatieate.blogspot.com, thecoolhunter.com.au

You also do interiors! Can you tell us a little more?
Yes, it’s early days but I have lots of hopes and ideas! I’ve been re-upholstering furniture and making cushions but I’d love to design wallpaper, murals, bedding…all manner of things. The more projects I do, the more I want to cover everything with prints.

What treasures can we expect from you at the upcoming FK markets?
Colourfully glazed porcelain bangles, earrings, brooches and necklaces…all shiny and smooth.

What advice would you give others starting out?
Well I once read in someone else’s advice bit that “ideas don’t keep, something has to be done about them”. I do think that if you wait for the right time or until you’re ready to do something, there’s a chance that time will never come so it’s best just to jump in and panic later. I find that ideas feed on ideas and…practice makes better.



  • Catherine says:

    Where can I buy this beautiful jewellery?? Only at the FK markets?

  • Love, love, love the geometric patterns! Makes a nice step out from the huge floral trend that’s been hanging on for a while now.

  • Sarah says:

    Beautiful prints. Unique and special and amazing and and and!!!

  • Kerry says:

    Erin, when you were describing these to me I didn’t realise how incredibly lovely they’d be. Well done to you. Now next time you’re in Canberra, I have this chair that needs some new fabric….

  • Phoebe Grealy says:

    WOW! These are amazing!! Will come buy and stock up at FK! Also would love to purchase the prints on furniture and homewares if they ever become available! 🙂

  • Aimee says:

    Wow! Amazing! I love it!

  • Brian Ford says:

    Absolutely outstanding ,fresh and wanty wanty : ) Fashion hasn’t been this chic since PanAm. You got it all going on……FABULOUS DARLING !!!

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