Featured Designer: Delilah Devine

FK talks to Linda from Adelaide based label Delilah Devine about her beautiful accessories & homewares created from vintage wallpaper.

What is the concept behind your label and when did you get started?
Delilah devine was born a few months after my son. Finding myself at home for most of my days I started playing with paper collage – something I’ve always loved but never had the time to explore. Then I stumbled upon a box of old wallpapers in my grandmother’s shed and things started falling into place. My life seems to flow as a series of happy accidents and Delilah devine fits into that pretty well! I never imagined 18 months later I’d be running a small business.

What is your background and how did you get involved in working with recycled materials?
I studied Textile Design at RMIT. I worked in a studio designing bed linen in Melbourne and have done bits and pieces of freelance work. I’ve always loved 60’s pattern design, so when I came across a stack of vintage wallpapers, I was hooked. I love that I can actually use these little pieces of history in my work. My favourite thing is when people recognise a wallpaper from their childhood.

What choices do you make to stay environmentally sustainable?

I use plywood that’s been certified sustainable, I use recycled paper for all my printed material, my studio is powered with green energy and I have a couple of lovely shop owners who pass on their used bubble wrap, boxes etc to me. Most of this stuff is really easy to do.

Who or what inspires you and your work?

Children’s book illustrators – my favourite at the moment is Miroslav Sasek, Rob Ryan, vintage wallpapers, fairy stories, perusing the internet (I set aside time now for just pottering around on blogs and discovering – there are so many fantastic things out there).

What do you love about having your own label, and what do you find challenging?

I love the satisfaction of creating something and being involved in the whole process, not just a part of it. I love choosing my own work hours and being able to work from home. And I still get a thrill when people buy my things!
I am not a great one for figures so I find it a real challenge keeping on top of the business side of things. It can also be a little lonely which is why markets like Finders Keepers are so fun to be a part of.

What aspirations do you have for 2011?

My big ambition is to move out of the house into a dedicated studio (at the moment I’m in the spare room and I am threatening to take over the entire house). Apart from that, I’m happy to see where things take me. Things seem to work out best for me when I have no plan!



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