Featured Event: Fräuleins /Orchard/ Art Exhibition

FK talks to Katrina Weber who is the designer behind Kitty Came Home, and is one part of the Fräuleins collaborative art exhibition. Pictured above is all the lovely ladies behind the show taking place in Adelaide.

Tell us about the concept of the Fräuleins art shows?
If I remember rightly, the original concept was mapped out over a very yummy curry at the Exeter Hotel in Adelaide. Peta had the idea to bring us all together, a parade of young lady creatives teeming with ideas.
Fräulein, of course is the German title used for young girls or unmarried women and for us was a cheeky ‘little miss’ reference that united us as a posse of sassy lassies.
Establishing Fräuleins has provided an excellent platform for us to share our ideas & have a crack at new things. Pooling together of our resources has worked a treat in cross promoting each others individual art/design/craft practices too!

How was the reaction to your first show /Playthings/?
Fräuleins Playthings was launched in June 2009 at Urban Cow Studio. Playthings had us all tapping into our inner-child creativity & as for me I had heaps of fun making the work. I think that playful vibe rubbed off on our audience too, the opening night was a packed out show with lot’s of encouraging feedback that lead us to launch into this second Fräuleins show together.

Artwork by Anna Creasy

Artwork by Elisa Mazzone

What can we expect to find at the /Orchard/ Show?
Expect to see a rich harvest of fruity, woody, tasty, home-baked, delights ripe for the picking. A diverse range of work stemming from the Orchard concept that began with a photo shoot in Joelie’s boyfriends, Nanna’s hobby farm.

What was your main inspiration to coming together as a collective in Adelaide?
I’m not sure that we considered it in the beginning, we were just a rush of ideas culminating over curry & booze! I think we are all Adelaide proud & happy to be showing off our efforts not only locally but with our on-line presence, hopefully to a wider audience too.
I must say this collective does consist of some very energetic ambitious peeps, I guess we were keen to bundle up some of that emerging talent spirit and see what came of it!

All the details:
Opening night: Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at 6:00pm 
Exhibition close: Monday, June 28, 2010 at 6:00pm
Venue: Urban Cow Studio (upstairs gallery)
Address: 11 Frome Street, Adelaide – Facebook event page

Artwork by Peta Alanna Chigwidden

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