Featured Designers: White Square

FK talks to Kyle Hughes-Odgers from Perth label White Square. White Square will be debuting at the Sydney markets this weekend!

Tell us about your jewellery label White Square.
We are a husband and wife team based in Perth, Western Australia. We like creating with textures and lasers, producing vintage inspired jewellery mixing old world textures with modern technology.

What are your backgrounds and how was White Square formed?
Kara has a photography background and I have an illustration/art background. We formed White Square because we like creating and making things.

What is your workspace like and what creative things surround you?
It is more beautiful than anything you can imagine. Not really, we work from home and are surrounded by lots of found objects from around the world; old things, small bottles, wood, artworks, friends artworks. We love all things textured and subtle.

How has the reaction been since starting your label?
We have been “public” with our work in local markets for the past year and have had really good interest in what we are doing. Which is nice!

What do you do in Perth when you need some inspiration?
We go to a lot of Salvage yards, antique shops, art exhibitions. Coffee. Dance.

What can we look forward to from White Square in the future?
We are trying to introduce new designs every few months and hope to expand into more stores and markets over east. You can also find us at www.whitesquare.etsy.com


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