Featured Designers: The Silver Room


Work by Momoko Hatano

Fk talks to Momoko from the Sydney based collective ‘The Silver Room’ about their jewellery collective and what we can expect to discover this weekend.

Who are the designers behind the Silver Room collective and what is their work?
The Silver Room is made up of: Momoko Hatano, Philippa Thomas, Rhonda Dwyer, Elizabeth Reed and Jyoti Peart. And sometimes other jewellers. We are always evolving.

What inspired you to work as a collective and how do you all know each other?

We all met through working for the same Sydney based design company. We all worked together in the Silver Jewellery department of the company, that’s why we call ourselves The Silver Room.


Work by Phillipa Thomas


Work by Elizabeth Reed

What are the inspirations of the group and what do you all have in common?
We share a common appreciation for art, design and jewellery making. We are all Sydney based designers/makers and all come from an art or design background.

You recently had a collective exhibition, how was the reaction to your work?
Our recent exhibition was a great experience and also included 3 other Sydney based jewellers; Kasia Sujecki. Ben Pearce and Erin Cuthbert. It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the public and receive positive interest and feedback.


Work by Rhonda Dwyer


Work by Jyoti Peart

Why do you think its important to work as a collective and how does that strengthen your work?
Working as a collective allows us to motivate and inform one another through our work, whether it’s exchanging ideas or new techniques. By working in a group are able to create designs that our outside our individual box whilst still maintaing our own personal aesthetic.

What can we expect to discover at the upcoming Finders Keepers Markets from the Silver Room stall?
At the upcoming FK markets, The Silver Room will offer a great collection of hand crafted jewellery in silver, laminate, aluminium, gold and other interesting materials by 5 different emerging designers.



Work by Momoko Hatano

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