Featured Website: Australian Design Unit


Part magazine, part bulletin, part business resource, ADU is a publication and archive about design and creativity published to encourage the formation of a new community of designers — one that is confident and successful in business, adventurous and free-thinking, informed and generous with knowledge, and able to reflect with intelligence on the impact of its work.

ADU is an independent yet strongly collaborative voice within the design sector with a broad network that can connect designers from across the country to the resources they need.

news room: a listing of the latest competitions, grants, opportunities, residencies and workshops
interviews/features: features and interviews posted monthly and centred on creative people with something to say
creative entrepreneur: structured advice, tools and business news from around the world
tool kit: access to free business tools to assist the day to day running of a creative business
the springboard project: an initiative built on mentorship, business workshops, and an active design community

While anchored online, ADU is also a vehicle for workshops, forums and exhibitions produced to encourage discourse and develop skills around design, creativity, entrepreneurship and ideas. ADU collaborates with design institutions and existing initiatives to enable Australian designers to develop new markets at home and abroad.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come on the ADU website and get on their monthly newsletter to hear it all as it happens. http://www.australiandesignunit.com/

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