Featured Event: False Narratives by Kate Scardifield




“False Narratives is a new body of work by Kate Scardifield, which explores ingrained historical constructs through a language of silhouettes, intertwining references to 17th century medicine, Victorian garmentry and the practices of modern-day surgery.

Drawing on J.G Ballard’s idea of the marriage between reason and nightmare in contemporary times, Scardifield stages an inquiry into the lengths we travel in order to (re)compose and edit history. The cut and the act of cutting function as the artist’s inherent methodology of practice. Apparent in large fabric tableau vivants, these assemblages of worn garments and second hand domestic furnishings are cut, stretched and wrapped into figurative compositions. Patterns of dress pins act to define and simultaneously break down these silhouette structures, whilst evoking an uncanny sense of movement and action in a scene rendered still.”

False Narratives opens this Thursday 13th August at Peloton Gallery open from Thursday to Saturdays 1pm – 6pm and runs until September 5th. Peloton Gallery is 19 & 25 Meagher Street, Chippendale, NSW.

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