SixThousand: Hello Perth!


Perth it getting its own Thousand!

The Thousands are online cultural guides for people who believe that the best things in their cities are often hard to find. (Check TwoThousand, ThreeThousand & FourThousand!)

Over the next month, SixThousand will appear online featuring snapshots on stores, exhibitions, bars, music and other bits around Perth. Sign up here or if you’re interested in contributing, email

** We at Finders Keepers are going to be reaching over to Perth to review some more little hidden gems, so if you have any favourite design stores or galleries please recommend them this way!


  • Uglygirl says:

    Test Tube on Chelmsford Ave in Mount Lawley!
    William Topp and Last Chance Studio on William St in Northbridge

  • Lauren says:

    Finally! Been waiting for SixThousand to turn up here for ages 🙂
    There’s a lot of great things happening in Perth at the moment. Over the past three-five years it’s grown creatively and there’s a lot of enthusiasm about.
    Stores: Anywhere along William Street, Northbridge (Last Change Gallery, William Topp, Lala Orange, Harry Highpants, The Butcher Shop plus more); anywhere along Beaufort St, Mt Lawley (heaps of restaurants/cafe plus Ruck Rover, Libertine, Planet Books etc); Oxford St, Leederville/Mt Hawthorn (mostly around busy end near freeway, plus a bit further up the road – Distracted, who also make great coffee. Kalamunda can be cool on weekends with markets, bookstores and random French patisseries.
    Coffee: The Imp (Victoria Park), Likdt (Subiaco Markets Fri-Sun), Crema (Kalamunda), Epic (in the city – meant to be great, haven’t tried it myself).

  • Lauren says:

    … should be “Last Chance Studios” sorry!

  • becs says:

    yay for six-thousand!

    definately check out these stores: Remedy, Distracted and Urban Depot in Leederville; Pidgeonhole (Shafto Lane and Bon Marche Arcade), FORM gallery (King St Arts Centre) and Periscope (King Street), in Perth and Store in Mt Lawley and Freo. Actually Mt Lawley, Leederville, Freo in general.

    Cute little bar in Perth, Tiger Tiger (near Wolf Lane and King St) Milkd in North Perth, Zekka, King St and Sayers Leederville, all do great coffee (and Tiger Tiger now does great drink and food!).

    there’s also heaps of handcrafted markets popping up all over the place – on the weekends at the Perth Cultural Centre (near the WA Art Gallery and State Library), Unwrapped, Made on the Left, Distracted Little Market Day…the list goes on!

  • Michelle says:

    I’m so glad to find a site that will share the hidden little secrets Perth has.
    I’m in love Beaufort St and Claremont. There are tonnes of treasures there.

  • Danielle says:

    My my, how we’ve grown, Perth.

    Hurrah – just when we were about to dash our hopes, an dandy e-zine arrives to dabble in the delights of downtown Perth, whose debacles and dalliances patiently lay dormant for decades…everyone’s cup of Darjeeling on a Thursday morning just got infinitely more delightful.

    Where to start? the sunlit courtyard at Zekka, the paper products at Remedy, the vinyl disco gems at Bower Bird Records, the drinks at Helvetica, the butterfly tarts at Le Papillion, Frankie Valli at the Oak & Ivy on a Wednesday, playing with old typewriters at Bar459 on a Thursday, bloody marys and bacon at 339 on a Sunday afternoon….

    ….all in good time. All in Six Thousand time.

  • Jane says:

    Don’t forget the Little Design Horse Shop in Angove St, North Perth!

  • Shelby Hult says:

    I’ve lived in Perth all my lifestyle and am surprised by the many new things to discover. It truly is a wonderful town.

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