The Odd Sock

The Odd Sock

Socks. We sell them.

Unlike the socks produced by all the other Sockeries out there, there’s nothing particularly special about our socks. They are 100% cotton; they look pretty; and they’ll keep your feet warm and blister free. Alas, ultimately they’re unambitious socks – who refuse to do their part in creating world peace, curing cancer, or developing a recipe for an insoluble gobstopper. See. Nothing special at all.

The Odd Sock himself, however, is indeed a little bit special. He’s a subversive eccentric who’ll make you giggle, conjure confusion, and awkwardly stare at your feet while you squeeze drops of soy sauce into your sushi roll. On a rather tangential note, you’ll never catch him in matching socks. How odd.


A representative of the Odd Sock.

“Everything’s a little odd beneath the surface.”