Simone Walsh Jewellery

Simone Walsh Jewellery

For the past 25 years, Australian jewellery designer Simone Walsh has combined sterling silver, gold and gemstones for an alchemic yet delicate collection of unique jewellery.

Simone's designs are often ornate and sometimes whimsical. She has a love of ornament, surface decoration and details in nature, which are often reflected in her delightful precious metal jewellery pieces.

Her designer jewellery has entranced customers in Australia and around the world.

Visit the online store to find delightful jewellery: stud earrings, handmade rings, dangly earrings, statement pendants, silver necklaces, stacking rings, gemstone earrings, rose gold jewellery, solid gold jewellery, silver chains, Christmas pudding coins and much more. 

Simone Walsh Jewellery is currently based in the Adelaide hills in Australia, where she works surrounded by rolling hills, vineyards, sheep and cows.