Radical Yes!

Radical Yes!

Established in 2013, Radical Yes make active wear shoes for people with creative lifestyles.

Originally conceived in response to Product Designer and Yoga Practitioner, Kerryn Moscicki’s own search for the perfect fashion-active wear shoe, Radical YES! is now adored for it’s quirky take on cool-comfort by stylists, artists, creative mama’s and generally radical people who are busy on their feet all day.

Designed from a place of intuition and experimentation, each collection explores the boundaries of the same flat-soled last, made different each season through unique textile applications and upper pattern executions.

The heart of the Radical YES! shoe however appears in the ‘famous yellow insole’. This removable leather foot bed features an athletic shoe standard padded sole (as featured in many sneakers) designed for optimum comfort and durability.

Not a yoga shoe, and not just a shoe for people who practice Yoga, Radical YES! today create shoes for people who like to move and be moved!

Always look for the famous yellow insole!