Mon Manabu

Mon Manabu

Mon Manabu is a contemporary Artist from Barcelona, living and working in the Byron Shire.

Her body of work includes mixing her own handmade-digital drawings, acrylic paintings and photographs then transferring these images to a canvas or wooden surface. Mon is an experienced artist in Japanese transfer techniques.

Mon offers an organic-feeling range of artworks, most of them based on timber or recycled materials.

Homewares and Jewellery showcasing her way of seeing Nature:

The well known Mon Manabu’s Wooden Blocks, also called Wood Prints, printed on a plywood frame, are a growing collection of matching images. These neutral colours of earthy shapes are offered in different sizes to create your favourite wall collage.

A bunch of recycled artworks will capture your eyes. Skate boards, tennis rackets, dismissed drawers, old timber windows, a grandfather's mallet, forgotten plasters, … with transferred images, giving them a second life.

Her handmade Pendants are unique pieces of wearable art. Made on tree branch slices, and with manually transferred images of nature, brings you a precious sense of originality.

New artworks on canvas will be featured in Finders Keepers, don’t miss them!