Larissa Lea Art

Larissa Lea Art

As an abstract artist, when I felt passionate about an idea, I found myself wanting to take my designs with me. I would talk to people and they would always ask to see a picture and I would find myself wanting to reach for something physical to show them. 

Not everyone has the space or finances, or perhaps even decision making ability that will pull them to commit to and purchase an artwork. I wanted a way to seal my paintings into a practical everyday product that anybody could love.

We create hand painted canvas, PVC and leather clutch bags. Each of the bags will be completely unique and are individually numbered before they are released.

Our stock will never get dull as we only release a very limited run of each design. If you love a particular bag, snatch it up quickly as, while you might find a similar design, once a bag is gone it is gone. 

I hope to bring a pop of colour into the everyday wardrobe; a bit of fun; a bit of joy; a bit of individuality; a bit of vitality.