Jade Tree Ceramics

Jade Tree Ceramics

The girl wandered alone through the overgrown garden, down the sweet smelling path and around the lake. It was covered in jade green lilies, and teaming with life.

A fluffy yellow and brown duckling swam by, and to her delight, it waddled up onto her lap. She held the soft bird gently in her hands, and its warmth wrapped itself around her heart. It was their she fell in love with nature.

Jade Tree Ceramics is based in Brisbane Australia, Nestled amongst the leafy green, outer suburb of The Gap. Artisan designer Jade Tree Ceramics, sculpts, and shapes birds, and bird inspired pieces, using clay from the earth, and her hands. All her works are made with love and a little quirkiness, and each piece is never the same.

Pirrie Street, Brisbane, The Gap 4061
(M) 0407140744

instagram: @jadetreeceramics