How to support us

Supporting the Finders Keepers provides a fabulous opportunity for your company to connect with our creative community of stallholders who are a highly engaged group of small business owners. (Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of followers, shoppers and visitors that Finders Keepers has cultivated online and in the community at our events over the last decade)!

We're an industry leader, with an increasing national presence. We receive a huge number of inquiries for all types of support so we've decided to focus on funneling all of your interest into a program especially for people and businesses like you!

We want to pass on as much support as possible to our amazing network of stallholders, so we've increased our benefits to partners in the hope to make this year and those to come true celebrations for the entire community.  Importantly, we seek like minded businesses that fit the ethos of Finders Keepers. Those that are interested in becoming a supporter should tell us how their product or service offering can support our community of sellers.

This year we've combined a value package of advertising and marketing rewards on our website and in our newsletters especially for you and we'll commit to marketing a unique offer of yours to our growing list of highly engaged stallholders. 

If you would like to discuss your interest in joining the Finders Keepers family or have any questions regarding the Support Program please contact us.  If you would like to discuss a potential partnership outside of this program please contact our Communications Manager, Annalyse McLeod directly