Ema Hewitt is the Founder / Designer / Creator of HEW. Growing up in a family of all boys, Ema was constantly buying clothing for her brothers and Dad. From an early age she became familiar with the menswear market and began to focus on designing mens clothing whilst completing her Bachelor of Fashion at R.M.I.T. After graduating from Fashion, Ema relocated to Los Angeles where she pursued a career in costume design. After a a year in California, she gained experience in the costume department for a television series - including an internship beside Janie Bryant for Season 6 of Mad Men. In 2012, Ema
returned to Australia where she continued to work in costume for Australian Television series. Her passion for menswear begun to resurface as she dressed the male characters, struggling to find vibrant clothing for men. Ema saw there was not much ventured in the menswear market, and thought she could offer a refreshing alternative for the man who is not afraid of print and colour.

“After finding menswear a bit lack-luster, HEW was created to introduce colour and bold prints into the male wardrobe. Once upon a time men’s wear was just as exciting as women’s wear and it is important for men to be able to express themselves through clothing. As we embark into the year of 2016 I find more men craving variety and quality
in menswear. HEW reaches out to collaborate with local creatives within community. This helps provide exposure for both artists; each HEW item has details on the swing tag about who collaborated on the design for that particular print. This allows the customer to connect with the creators and feel confident that they are supporting local
creative community” - Ema Hewitt