1. small loose particles of stone or sand.

2. courage and resolve; strength of character.

3. perseverance and passion for long-term goals.

gritCERAMICS is a small homewares brand created by Leia Sherblom, a North American transplant.  Leia designs and produces a handmade porcelain range of tableware and lighting in her Northcoast NSW beachside studio.  Each gritty piece is made from a uniquely formulated blend of porcelain clay & stained with neutral toned pigments.  The interiors are glazed clear, and the outsides left raw - the smooth finish of the porcelain remains.  Her daily work is influenced by her life in the mountains, her walk on the yogic path, and a deep calling of the heart for wisdom and connection through the unfolding of Creation.

Establishing any business involves a heavy amount of grit.  There are infinite opportunities for disaster in the evolution of earth to table, and the name grit embodies both process and persona. gritCERAMICS transforms hunks of mud into contemporary, functional goods for your home - each piece is infused with guts, resilience, initiative & tenacity (g.r.i.t.) and finished with a deep appreciation of everything it takes to be a modern maker. True, down and dirty grit is available for anyone to harness and make their unique imprint in this world. gritCERAMICS is a celebration of this journey.