Fresh YC

Fresh YC

Fresh unifies Yoga & Food by providing healthy nutritional snacks infused with Yoga Philosophy- Food for the body and Food for the mind.

Fresh use fresh ingredients to provide different flavours of healthy snacks based on various super-foods, they are vegan friendly and have no added sugar or preservatives, everything is Fresh!

The dream of Fresh is to plant a seed in people’s mind about the life changing journey that Yoga can take you on, so that when your time is right, I can guide you on the liberating journey that lies ahead.

The vision of Fresh is to Unite the Body, Mind & Spirit through Yoga & Food.

Each Fresh product is produced and packaged with love and compassion.

Find out more about the amazing yoga journey I have experienced whilst enjoying a Super Seedy, Oaty Coco-Nana, Zesty Coconut or Spicy Chai slice!