Food Stallholders

In addition to our design stalls, Finders Keepers have grown to also attract a number of high quality food stalls. 

Our food section is hugely popular at our markets and constantly growing in demand. We have comprehensive food sections at all of our markets in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  It remains incredibly important to us that all food related stalls must demonstrate a clear understanding of high design orientated standards throughout the product, presentation and packaging.

Finders Keepers is a great way for you (food stallholders) to interact directly with new and existing audiences, gain face-to-face feedback and have a whole lot of fun while your products are being propelled to tens of thousands of people.

A large part of maintaining our superior standard at events is due to the care and commitment we take with our application process. It's a serious business and a big job! 

We LOVE to hear from new products that can range from lovingly made products, seller grown goods and artisan consumables. This type of application is open for: food, beverages, food based products, herbs and plants.
We've provided extensive information regarding the application process as well as our selection criteria specifically designed for food applications below. 

Please have a read through the criteria and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or need further advice.

Selection Criteria

What we're looking for:

  • Creative, original and thoughtfully design food related products
  • Food related products that maintain a 'maker' or 'artisan' aspect
  • Food related products that  fit within the overall vision of the Finders Keepers and maintain high design presentation standards 
  • Products of handmade, ethical and/or beautifully designed product, packaging and presentation
  • Professionalism with finished product, including professional quality of images or collateral used for marketing your brand.
  • We also expect to see how your product is displayed, whether at an event or in a merchandised setting so we can determine suitability. This can also include branding and packaging of your product that tells the entire story.
  • Appropriate, suitable and commercially viable items, including appropriate price points for the marketplace.
  • If you're submitting a shared application, the combined quality of the group has to meet our criteria. We will look at the application as a whole, and not consider the individual applications. (We will either approve or not approve the group/ shared application as a whole).

Important notes:

  • Ready-to-eat food products are permitted, which could be prepared and sold on site, or prepared and heated on site. Please note that no flame-based cooking is permitted. BBQ and gas cooking are not permitted in Melbourne. 
  • You will only be accepted if you have certification and insurance that is relevant to the city which you are applying for.
  • In addition to Finders Keepers application process, each stall will be reviewed by our host  venues for eligibility prior to any approval.
  • Upon successful application, you will be able to arrange Power, Cool Room Hire at an additional cost.


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Your Stall

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