Feral Media
Feral Media

Feral Media make spunky packages with music inside.

We are an artist-run record label based in Sydney, Australia. We pride ourselves on releasing interesting new Australian music in beautiful & often limited edition packages.

A common element all Feral Media releases share is an adventurous spirit. Feral Media has always been more about a type of energy than any specific genre. Feral Media is drawn to invigorating artists and concepts that sometimes fall between the cracks, artists who are not so easily defined.

While that may have made the job of marketing a little difficult at times, every release has stood the test of time, and is as fresh today as the day it was created.

During 2002 Feral Media began an art and design collaboration with Sydney's Sopp Collective, one that continues to this day. Sopp have designed the lion’s share of Feral Media’s artwork and packaging, but the collaboration runs much deeper than that, to include branding, art installations (at parties, gigs and the Ongoing Moment project), t-shirts and retail displays. Sopp has been intrinsic in authoring Feral Media’s visual aesthetic.


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