Extraordinary Ordinary Day

Extraordinary Ordinary Day

Extraordinary Ordinary Day offers the seemingly unattainable – amazing-looking shoes that feel great on your feet all day. By combining architecturally crafted comfort with luxe design, we bring you the best of both worlds: beautiful aesthetics with superb structure.

That begins with a foundation built around timeless classics elevated with future-thinking fashion. Think Oxford loafers embossed with incandescent metallic shades, slip-ons styled with intricate lambskin leather weaves and titanium silver rims, and 1920s wingtips slashed open with revealing sidecuts.

Extraordinary Ordinary Day creative director and architect Ashley Lim taps into her love of structure and form to raise the stakes in women's shoe style and comfort. She incorporates her passion for surrealism and modern architecture's ‘less is more’ design philosophy to create contemporary classics.

Each pair is masterfully handcrafted in Seoul, while premium-quality materials are sourced from all over the globe including Italy, Turkey, Spain, Japan and South Korea.

These are shoes designed for confident women with contemporary tastes, who want to fearlessly express their individuality. Starting from the ground up, we enable them to be powerful and feminine without constraining their every step.