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Corky Saint Clair

Corky Saint Clair

Hey everybody, this Finders Keepers Corky Saint Clair goes Cosmological - we will be launching our new "Little Moons" range of semi precious jewellery - pendants and studs made from Moonstone, Onyx, Labradorite and Rose Quartz. Also planned: a "Blue Moon" range of Sapphire star set jewellery and "Starry Night" Onyx insignia rings.

Of course we will be showing off our very well received "Half Moon" range of semi precious pendants in eight different stones.

You must come and see our new Herkimer rings and studs. A year in the making and they are starting to look beautiful. 

For the dudes we will have new prints in our popular t-shirt range. Our prints are based on our original illustrations and patterning. The teeshirts are soft, durable and don't shrink - the perfect gift for the Finders Keepers guy in your life.