Brothers Footwear

Brothers Footwear

When I was a boy my father made me the cutest pair of little dark brown oxford boots. Being the boy I was I promptly grew out of them and got to witness my four little brothers jump in puddles and run through fields in them.

As an apprentice I promised myself that if I ever became a father I would design and craft a pair of boots for my son to wear out or grow out of.

Not long after marrying a super hot, German babe my son was born(2010), and sure enough I designed and made him a little, dark brown pair of boots.

That is when I realised my son and I were alone; nobody knows who made their shoes and very few can afford hand-made shoes.

So we started Brothers Footwear so we can hand make shoes for a generation to run, jump stomp and scuff in. Shoes inspired by the original boots I made for my son. All hand designed and made here in our studio in Brisbane. Shoes that anybody can afford.

Come share my heritage.
Become a part of my family.
Join the revolution.