Join Peppermint Editor Lauren Baxter at the Summit!

We’re stoked to have editor Lauren Baxter of Peppermint Magazine joining us at the Creative Business Summit this March 17th. Here’s why we know you’ll love hearing from her:

  • STAND OUT in an overflowing inbox when pitching to media.
  • CUT THROUGH as a conscious profit-for-purpose brand.
  • ONE-ON-ONE with Lauren and ask her your media + ethics questions!

We grabbed Lauren for a quick Q&A before she joins the Good Business Good Planet panel on Friday, March 17.

What is your ‘word’ or mantra for 2023?

I find value in sitting with uncomfortable thoughts, recognising that no one really knows the answers. Life is a constant learning experience – I guess that’s a mantra.

What are you most passionate about?

When you look around – past the doom and gloom, past the bin fires and climate deniers – there’s a beautiful bevy of good humans working tirelessly to make this world a better place. The fact that it’s my job to fangirl over them, lift them high in the sky and shout their names from the rooftops is the biggest privilege of my life.

What tips can you give conscious brands wanting to stand out?

Pitching to the media seems scarier than it really is. In reality, we’re all just people, wading through an overflowing inbox, panning for gold. Get specific. Don’t just tell me that your brand cares about the planet. Show me what you’re actually doing. I want to hear about all the boring accreditations and invisible work you do to make your brand different to the status quo. Being transparent with journalists could make all the difference. 

Wake Up With Peppermint, Allpress and Team Finders!

After a full Friday of courageous creativity at the Summit, pop on your best Saturday ’fit and join us for a morning with Peppermint Magazine! Meet the Peppermint and Finders Keepers teams, score some sweet freebies, eat yummy foods, drink all the Allpress coffee, and win lovely prizes. 

Allpress Melbourne Roastery, 80 Rupert Street, Collingwood
Saturday 18 March 2023, 9–11am  
$30 add-on to your Summit ticket!


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