Creative Catch Up With Paper Hands

Written by Holly Neilson
on 08 April, 2021

Fill your cup high with forever inspiring Artist Holly of Brisbane’s Paper Hands. We caught up with Holly as she gets ready to join us again at Finders Keepers Brisbane this April 23-25! Read on for insights on what she’s been up to, Brisbane vibes and the ebbs and flows of the artistic journey. Thanks Holly, for always having us along for the adventure!

Can’t make Brisbane Finders Keepers? Not to worry you can explore Paper Hand’s wonderful artwork on our Online Marketplace

After a year away from Markets what are you looking forward to most on your return? 

Oh the people! Chatting and interacting in the flesh with all the FK community and customers. I have completely missed the love and support you feel from connecting with your customers in person. It’s a real special feeling that really goes a long way for me as a small business owner. The feedback and smiles send my spirit flying high!

What can shoppers expect from your stall? Are you bringing something new or special that’s not to be missed?

A fresh vibe with an array of new prints and a few of your favourite, OG prints too! I am also hoping to release a new, limited edition of hand painted wall banners for those people who don’t like framing and want a new flavour for their wall decor. So keep your eyes peeled for all the new colours you see popping up in my stall! There’s going to be a lot of new art for you to browse through.

What do you love about Brisbane and what other Makers are you looking forward to visiting at Finders Keepers?

I love the humble nature of Brisbane. I have always felt so comfortable and supported in the creative scene here. There’s a special warmth to this city that I have always loved. Your ideas feel so possible and welcomed!

I’m looking forward to seeing Earth Fibre, Two Plums Designs and Ochre at the Brisbane Market.

How has your art developed over the years? 

I think as I grown a bit older, I have gained more trust and belief in my creative process. It frees up my ability to test the waters and fear less about trying new art styles and mediums. I have now expanded my art business into mural paintings, larger canvas art, workshop classes and children’s book illustrating!

It’s crazy to see how the process changes as you learn and change in your personal life. It’s a special journey to reflect on as I feel like my art is constantly developing and changing.

Paper Hands is also on the Finders Keepers Marketplace! Lucky us! What’s currently in the shop? Do you have a piece that seems to speaks everyone? 

Oh I love being a part of the online community with you gems! Currently, I stock a large mix of watercolour art prints that are available in a few different sizes that work perfectly with standard frame sizes. 

Hmm I think a lot of my customers gravitate towards the calm and peaceful flower pieces but specifically I would say it has to be “Floral Girl” piece, pictured above.  She seems to make everyone feel understood and at peace. So I am happy that she’s working her positive powers on people and seems to be the favourite!

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