Five Questions with Herbs + Heart

Written by Jumana Shakeer
on 29 June, 2020

A pure earth-friendly skincare made with Herbs & Heart! Natural skincare enthusiast Jumana passion to find a solution for natural skin care lead her to creating Herbs + Heart. Guided by 5 values, simplicity, mindfulness, collaboration, responsibility and integrity, Jumana has achieved a welcoming holistic range of skincare made in Australia.

Read on to discover how finding solace during this time with “virtual human connection” and how authentically building on this with their customers has been a turning point for Herbs + Heart! ⁠ 

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Who is behind Herbs & Heart and how did it start?

Skincare resonated with me on a deeply personal level. During my teenage years, I was a cystic-acne sufferer with sensitive skin that reacted with even a whisper of something irritating. It was in fact curiosity that sent me down the path of becoming a natural skincare enthusiast. Over the years, what ensued countless hours of absorbing any research I could get my hands on, many tried & failed experiments with my skin, and skincare products that promised the world yet delivered nada. 

Any kind of research really gets my creative juices flowing. I’m a complete nerd when it comes to skincare and truly enjoy everything about it both from a science as well as holistic lens. It was the shocking discovery of how many toxic ingredients lurk in our skincare, and how many we layer on everyday that pushed me towards seeking a natural solution. I decided to enroll myself in cosmetic formulation study and spent years developing products that truly delivered and upheld my own values. Pure, earth-friendly skincare that was made with Herbs & Heart. 

Where can we find your work, follow your making adventures or shop your range?

You can shop with us online through our website or right here on the Finders Keepers Online Marketplace. We also share a bunch of skincare facts, behind the scenes, and random fun tidbits on our Instagram & Facebook pages (& when I eventually get around to it, we may even make an appearance on Til Tok!).

What influences your work, and what sparks your creativity?

Most small businesses are born from the same question; how can I make a difference? The vehicle we choose to impact this change is what becomes our ‘brand’, but the core essence remains the same. I chose skincare as my vehicle, my purpose still remains to make our world a better place, hence I am driven by many conversations of our generation. 

We choose natural as a means to honour purity & goodness over synthetic fillers that have proven harmful effects on the body. We choose earth-friendly eco-packaging because it is our duty to look after our planet. We choose cruelty-free because animals are amazing and adorable and the thought of hurting one absolutely breaks my heart!

We choose to give back 10% of everything we make to multiple charity initiatives that we support, and we also have a “All Heart Shop” where 100% of proceeds go towards these causes. 

Simply living this purpose everyday sparks all the creativity and motivation I need. 

What impact has 2020 had on your business and how have you changed your direction?

2020, what a year! If we had to compare this year to a skincare product, it would absolutely be of the self-waxing kind – a real hot mess! But luckily for us we’ve got a good pain tolerance! Despite the challenges, we’ve been focused on the silver lining. We’re grateful that being online, both through our website & the Finders Keepers online marketplace has allowed us to continue to trade during the crisis, and we’ve genuinely been beyond floored at how our customers truly came out in support for us. 

It’s really allowed us to get back to connecting with our customers. The more energy we pour into this, the more we receive in return. The digital world is so crowded that we often feel it isn’t as warm as a face to face interaction. The one thing I’ve truly understood is that this same connection can absolutely be nurtured in an online world. Finding solace in this virtual human connection during this time and authentically building on this with our customers has been a turning point for Herbs & Heart. 

Finding solace in this virtual human connection during this time and authentically building on this with our customers has been a turning point for Herbs & Heart. 

What has been the ‘silver lining’ during this time?

Our silver lining came in the form of a new product launch. Many of our loved ones started suffering immensely from painful dry hands due to the overuse of harsh soaps and hand sanitisers. I was called to create something that would go above and beyond a traditional hand cream, and most importantly not interfere with one’s daytime hand care. That’s when we introduced our ‘After-Sanitiser Overnight Hand Mask’, a sublimely rich formula that works to nourish, repair & restore an optimal strengthened skin barrier, all while you sleep! I remember us being quite nervous when we launched this product as it all happened so quickly. No one was more surprised than us when our first batch sold out within days!

We’ve received such heart warming comments from people all over Australia – nurses, childcare teachers and mums profusely thanking us for this product and the difference it made to their lives. That feeling, and those kind words has been the silver lining without a shadow of a doubt!

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  • Pam manning says:

    Hi there

    Just wanted to thank you for your amazing care and support. I have just recently purchased your products and changed all my usual skincare which I love, to give yours a go as I liked the ingredients and the energy behind your brand.
    I paid express but the delivery took a long time, you were so understanding when I emailed you and looked after me so well, thank you.
    I’m loving your beautiful products so far, they feel lovely and smell like heaven.
    My skin feels and looks so good, I will keep you posted as to how I go.
    I can feel your awsome energy in the creams and oils and know it is made with love.
    Thank you.

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