Five Questions With Juno + Ace

Written by Sacha Jacobsen
on 16 April, 2020

We first interviewed Juno + Ace back in 2017! Since then Sacha the creator behind Juno + Ace has evolved her business, tuning into her surroundings and finding a fine balance and niche by elevating her existing skills. While discovering her calling, delicately balanced mobiles! We’re glad she did as these beautiful designs have been bringing joy and movement to our homes!

Juno + Ace has also opened a shop at
Finders Keepers Online Marketplace, be inspired, read on and click to shop!

Can you share your business journey and how you stepped from jeweller to mobile maker!  

Wow, that seems like a really long time ago now! Yeah, a lot has changed with this little brand of mine. As you say, I’d originally started out making jewellery, but after taking part in a couple of amazing Finders Keepers markets, I’d seen that there are so many talented jewellery makers here in Australia and I thought that perhaps I could try to do something a little different using the skill sets I had – working with metal. Not long before that point I’d had my 3rd baby and failed to find any kind of mobile to fit in with my nursery decor, so that’s when I tried making something myself.

I’ve always been a huge fan of mid century art, including Alexander Calder – the godfather of mobiles so after a little experimentation I started making the larger pieces and now, they are pretty much all I make. I’ve also just moved into a shared warehouse with a bunch of other interiors based businesses and it’s been so good for my creativity. Much nicer than working from my garage/studio at home. It feels like a very big step, but one that I am really enjoying. 

Tell us about your creative process. Is there a trick to balancing and movement of the mobiles when designing?

Ha, there’s no trick, just technique! I usually start by sketching out ideas on paper, then I make a prototype and sometimes the image on the paper that I thought looked good turns out to be a little different in 3D. At this point I can sometimes design as I go. It’s funny because for a very long time I couldn’t think of myself as a ‘designer’. When I’m making things I usually base everything on what I’m attracted to – I’ll swap shapes around and move pieces until I think it looks ‘completed’ – but I guess that that’s what designing is, hey!? 

When it comes to movement I love it when there’s multiple pieces on the same attachment point as they all move uniquely, catching the light at different moments. I also take in consideration whether pieces will bump into each other. From feedback at Finders Keepers I discovered that having sound, like little ‘tings and chimes’ of the metal hitting each other, is really a Marmite opinion. In the UK, we have Marmite instead of Vegemite and some people LOVE it and some HATE it, there’s never an in-between. So with that in mind, I always try to have some pieces that have sound and some that don’t.

What inspires you? What are you listening, reading and obsessed with at the moment?

Ahh, you may not have wanted to ask that…. Lately, especially with all the horrible events happening in the world right now, I’ve been geeking out on spirituality and Ayuveda. I’ve discovered the ancient Indian dosha’s, (I’m a Vata/pitta by the way) and have been listening to some really awesome podcasts, my current favourite is Sahara Rose’s ‘The highest Self’– definitely very woo-woo but I find delving into that side of things is really positive, and we all need a positive outlook right now that’s for sure. I also like to listen to music, I’m really digging putting on John Butler Trio radio on Spotify.

We hear you’ve been working with driftwood lately, can you tell us more?

Yes, defiantly! After the storms we had here in Sydney a months or so ago, I went to the beach one day and saw that entire beach was covered with driftwood. It was pretty amazing actually. So I went for a little walk and picked out all the most interesting pieces. So far I have made 8 pieces and all but one have sold. I love the natural element and how each piece is completely unique, I use the shape of the wood to direct me with what shapes to use and where to put them. I think it’s really special that people can take a piece of nature home and have it as art and also that no one else in the world would have the same piece. Nature can’t be mass produced! So, if we get another Finders Market this year, I’d love to bring some pieces along for people to see in real life. I’ll keep my finders crossed that this terrible virus resolves itself quickly. 

Hanging Mobile – Orion

What can shoppers expect to find in your online shop? 

Well, they will be able to find all my usual mobile designs(above), along with some new ones – I’m currently working on a collection of 12 mobiles to represent the zodiac symbols which I’m very excited about. And, I will be putting the driftwood pieces up online when they’re made – tip, if you’d like one, keep your eyes on my instagram as they go quite quickly!

Do you have other favorite FK Online Marketplace shop that you’d love to give a shout out to? What of creations are making you happy?

Ahh, yes there’s so many great creatives on the market place. I love Oktoberdee, Paxxy & Flora, Aulieude Clothing and Kate Sale Jewellery to name just a few!!

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