Exclusive Preview: The Finders Keepers Ultimate ‘How To Market’ Guide!

As our 2019 market season draws to a close, our Autumn Winter 2020 application season kicks into action! If you’re looking for something to add to your summer holiday reading list, we’ve got just the thing! Kick back on the banana lounge and read up on planning for a bigger and brighter 2020 with the help of our brand spanking new 125-page eBook.

Whether you are a Finders Keepers regular or working up to your first market, there’s something for everyone inside this action-packed eBook!

Written by our very own Finders Keepers Director and Co-Founder, Sarah Thornton, you’ll discover in-depth market knowledge plus super special top tips and insights from a bunch of our successful stallholders.

Get a head start on your 2020 business planning and grab our new eBook for just $20 today!


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