10 Quotes from chinwags with frankie Every Creative Should Read

Brisbane AW19: SPACES editor Leta Keens, Claire Ritchie, Love Mae and Paper Boat Press captured by Samee Lapham

It was a joy to shake things up last season through our series of live chinwags with frankie. We’re beyond  proud of our courageous stallholder speakers, and think it’s high time we shared some of the gold that we captured from the talks!

Chatting with SPACES editor Leta Keens on three themes, there was  something every creative or small business owner could relate to! Below is just a taste of what was on offer, so we’ve uploaded the full videos for you to watch here anytime.

BIG thanks to our friends at frankie magazine for going live with us and filling our marketplace with FREE mags! (While chinwags was an AW special only, #frankieinthewild returns this Spring / Summer where you can get lucky and find a free frankie in the marketplace)

Here’s our top ten quotes from chinwags with frankie. 

On the value of handmade…

It’s not necessarily about just your hands touching it, but knowing whose hands have touched it. For us our products go through six – seven pairs of hands but we certainly know how those people are treated – to lots of tim tams and cups of tea!” Bea Bellingham

Sydney AW19: Leta Keens, High Tea with Mrs Woo, Bea Bellingham and Heidi Helyard, captured by Samee Lapham

“In terms of passing on knowledge, we feel like we really want people to understand that the handmade manufacturing industry (in fashion) is still part of our society and our community. We’re looking at passing on that education by running walking trails in Newcastle where we’re based, showing people that manufacturing still exists. We really want people to understand that you can buy anything from anywhere but what is it you value about that?” High Tea with Mrs Woo

It is a nerve wracking thing selling your products in general, each piece has a piece of yourself in it! You’ve made it with your hands and it’s just unbelievable that someone wants that thing that you’ve created!” Public Holiday 

On loving what you love…

I remember someone telling me. If you don’t know what you want to do with your life, think back to what you enjoyed doing as a child.” June & Ace 

The thing that always pops into my mind is the money part, which really hits you. You need it to sustain. So it’s finding a balance between having that money coming in, doing what you love at the standard that you want to deliver it at, and feeling good about it” Claire Ritchie

Brisbane AW19: Leta Keens, Claire Ritchie, Love Mae and Paper Boat Press captured by Samee Lapham

It’s a daily thing for me making what I make and seeing what I make and in that respect you lose a little bit of the charm when you’re engaging with it on such a regular basis, but when you’re at your stall and people come and express their enjoyment on a product they already have or express their excitement on having discovered you, it reassures you and makes you start to value you a little more!” Busy Head 

On getting yourself out there in the creative world…

 “I’ve been to every single Finders Keepers there ever was so that was always a huge benchmark for me, so after graduating from RMIT I just thought I’m going to apply, what’s the worst that can happen! Then when I actually got accepted I had four months to real hustle and put together a collection! I didn’t have a website, hadn’t done a photoshoot…that first market blew me away though..I think people are really wanting to have that connection with the maker and come and touch and feel..” Farn Designs

It’s hard to put yourself out there sometimes, and not everybody likes your thing (but doing that) allows you to be more objective about what works and put energy into that not into others” Champ

Melbourne AW19: Leta Keens, Champ, Arcadia Scott and Farn captured by Samee Lapham

I was one of the ones that dove straight in. So I’d worked in the creative world for about 10 years and became a creative manager where I was more telling people off, telling people how to do their jobs, not actually creative. So a good friend of mine Laura Blythman had already made that leap so I just saw a window of opportunity and haven’t looked back!” Pete Cromer

You’re not here to please everyone, Esther (of brand Togetherness) you might be the sweetest peach but not all people love peaches!” You, Me and Bones

There’s so much more to learn from these brave creatives. Watch all the chinwags with videos here!

Shout out to High Tea with Mrs Woo, Bea Bellingham, Heidi Helyard, Bask Capsule, Public Holiday, Juno + Ace, Claire Ritchie, Love Mae, Paper Boat Press, Jericho Road Clothing, Erin Lightfoot and Busy Head. SUCH diverse small businesses, such incredible stories and advice. BIG thanks for the FK team.

Big thanks again also to our media partner frankie magazine who join us again this season with #frankieinthewild! Look out for free magazines scattered all around the marketplace in your city – FINDERS, KEEPERS!

Claire Ritchie with her frankie magazine at AW19 captured by Samee Lapham

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