Five Questions With Oh Em Gee Paper

OMG it’s nearly time for Finders Keepers Brisbane! Another must-see stall for stocking up on stationary is Oh Em Gee Paper. Joining us with a collection of beautifully bold gift cards and prints, we took some time to delve into the brand and how paper became a passion for Gabby of Oh Em Gee.

Finders Keepers were lucky enough to have Oh Em Gee paper debut at Finders Keepers last year in Brisbane! Can you tell us a bit about your Finders Keepers experience and what Brisbane market goers can expect this season? 

I have been attending Finders Keepers markets for years and honestly it was a dream come true to debut there last year! It was such an amazing experience, from selling my cards and prints to people other than my family and friends and to meeting all the other stall holders it was honestly such a rewarding experience. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. It was really great to chat to small business owners and get a feel for their business and how they operate and what works for them. 

This season, I will have a much larger range of cards and gift wares such as gift tags and notebooks!

Oh Em Gee Paper debut’s stall at Finders Keepers Bris SS18 Market – captured by Samee Lapham

How do you nurture your creativity? Are there other stationery / paper labels that inspire you?

I am very lucky I work in a creative environment everyday by being an art director, so there is no lack of inspiration there. 

I do find travelling and spending quality time with like minded creatives really nurtures my creativity. We end up having the most inspiring conversations and want to start a million side projects once we leave each other.

I am obsessed with the French, florals and bringing the humour into everyday life, so I try and bring aspects of that into my designs at OH EM GEE PAPER

I really love and look up too fox and fallow, bespoke letterpress, an organised life and Wilde house paper, just to name a few! I think we have such amazing quality work coming out from Australia

What was it that drew you to stationery as a creative outlet?

I have worked in the design industry for 8 years ( eek ) and it’s always been a pipe dream I’ve had for a while. I have always loved and collected various cards over the years. I also love giving and getting cards, and always wanted to add my own touch and personality to the industry.

Stationery feels very personal to me, in the the way you can give a piece of artwork attached with a beautiful memory or sentiment and have it mean so much. We want people to get an OH EM GEE paper card and display it proudly it their home. 

What’s been your biggest OMG moment running your stationery business and why is celebration so important to you?!

I can honestly say, getting the email saying ‘ congrats you are in the line up for Finder Keepers. I remember feeling so proud that this tiny tiny brand was going to be part of a very iconic Australian market. And then seeing my store with my logo and all my product was really an amazing feeling.

Omg! Who doesn’t love a good party?? 

But seriously, life can be short and really sh*tty sometimes, so I think its important to celebrate the good times when they happen and the amazing people you have in your life!

Simplicity runs across your designs beautifully. How do you seek simplicity in your life outside of work? 

I would love to say I lead a simple minimalist life, but my brain feels like it has 1000 tabs open all the time, so I think I use my simple design to arrange all the crazy thoughts in my head, haha.

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