Look what we found: MAY

In the spirit of Mindful In May, before you read this blog post we would like you to take a minute to inhale slowly & exhale a little slower, then think something lovely about yourself – because you’re killing it.

Wow, it’s May! We’re coming off the back of our first Autumn / Winter event in Sydney this week and after catching up on some ZZZ’s can say it was a wonderful event and a beautiful show of support for small business! Apart from a huge start to May for Team FK – and sending our iconic shipping container off to Brisbane for our next event (June 21-23) these are some of the things helping us stay distracted from the cold coming!

  • It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and we feel like baking. We’ve had this one by Julia Ostro saved for a while now!
  • Speaking of Mums, we have a whole lotta stallhoder super mums in our community and so we decided to interview a few to see about business and Mum-ing. Read it here, it’s a beauty.
  • It’s not too late to get involved in Mindful May. In fact, it’s never to late to get mindful! Our team cherish self-care and back these apps for maintaining balance – Calm for beautiful sleep stories and beginners meditation, A Soft Murmur for beautiful background noise (working, sleeping, meditating, flying…it’s life changing if you’re in an office) One Giant Mind in support of Aussies, Smiling Mind for kids and adults and lastly our Event Manager Linsday can highly recommend this playlist on Spotify for sleeping!
  • After all that meditation we feel like a Chai! Try this recipe from FK stallholder Chai Addict as part of your new self-care night routine (nighty night!)
  • Friend of FK Pru Chapman has launched a podcast and FK founders Sarah and Brooke are on a episode which is live NOW here! There’s a few giggles and a lot of love here!
  • This non-alcoholic craft beer has also caught our eye this month. With an aim to raise cultural awareness and promote Aboriginal arts, language and history, this is one to support.
  • Our long-time stallholder Nanna Woo got together with our long-time photographer Samee Lapham and did a little shoot in our long-time content queen Mon’s Melbourne garden! The photos are fab and we are loving how the homewares shine in that (often illusive) Melbourne sun – we’ll be sharing more soon but look at this beauty.
  • We interrupt this blog post with an application push! Our Melbourne AND Brisbane applications for Spring Summer 2019 are OPEN and Sydney opens May 27th! We want to hear from you! Wise words from stallholder Bridget Bodenham here and all the app info here!
  • Finally we would like to end with some quotes of compassion here and wish you all a mindful May!

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