2018 End Of Year Wrap + FK Team Highlights!

Finders Keepers Melbourne SS18 captured by Samee Lapham

It’s hard to believe 2018 is almost done and dusted. This year we welcomed hundreds of new designers into our growing weekends and also invited in tens of thousands of you to visit us across three major cities.

From launching an Artist Program and an Indigenous program, to putting up (and down) over 400 paper lanterns and extending our weekend hours into what is now a festival-feel art & design extravaganza – 2018 was HUGE! We could not have done it without you & we’ve loved watching the support from our FK community grow stronger than ever before!

As the FK team bump-out of another year we thought it would be nice to share some of our 2018 highlights, because 2018 was a BIG ONE full of sensational moments.

Sarah / Co-Founder + Managing Director
“The community growth and spirit, which is hard for me to nail in just one highlight! This recent quote gave me goosebumps and does the job in nailing it: “The moment we started doing FK it changed our whole business and gave us the most incredible platform to meet our people.”- Rhiannon from Yalu Apothecary

Brooke / Co-Founder + Director
“Seeing a bunch of debut stallholders start dancing in the middle of the isle late on the Saturday of SYD SS18 in celebration of having a cracking market! Generally observing people interact with the decor and artists elements of the event is very satisfying!

Lindsay / National Events Manager
“I loved the high fives & supportive hugs from stallholders who have watched the personal journey I’ve been on so far. From managing the events last year right up to when I was 35 wks pregnant, to then being at the first 2018 event in Sydney with Owen (who was only 10wks old) to lastly finishing up our last event in Sydney this year feeling exhausted BUT brimming with happiness to be apart of such a rad community. Makes it all very worthwhile!”

Mon / Communication and Content Specialist
“Working with a group of Stallholders to create seven engaging art pieces that were featured at each city across the SS18 season. Seeing the community engage with their work at events and social was so fun and inspiring! Also – purchasing my first Ernest and Joe fluid ring in Brisbane and then adding to the collection with a second ring purchase at the Sydney Finders Keepers. There’s nothing like up-selling a product to myself between markets haha – worth it though!”

Kathy / Community & Customer Specialist
“A highlight for me was in Sydney where I tasted my very first FRIED LASAGNA from Inbocca! Also very pleased with the fun ceramic plate I purchased for my jewellery from Bea Bellingham.”

Annalyse / Communications Manager
“My highlight has been the amazing support of my workplace and the amazing reception that followed when I went to my first market of 2018 in Brisbane with my baby G in tow!”

Ash / Partnerships Executive
“I loved it when Nadine from Nzuri Organics came up to the front desk only a few hours into the Sydney SS18 Friday to excitedly and exhaustedly say she had already broken a season record! Also – my favourite score was my cute-as-a-button ceramic takeaway cup from Arcadia Scott, which comes everywhere with me and always gets complimented!”

Kitty / Marketing Manager
“Fresh to the team for the SS season my highlight (apart from actually being ON the team) was witnessing the events come together from the ground up by a group of supportive, hard-working, powerhouse women! I also did all of my Christmas shopping at the Sydney market and let me say it is a highlight not having to do my usual Christmas eve manic shop!”

Team FK captured by Samee Lapham, Baby Owen playing at Castle & Cubby (photo by Mama Lindsay), Ash & Alice at Brisbane AW18 captured by Samee Lapham, Brooke & Mon on lantern duty in Sydney and Mama Annalyse with baby Goldie having a grizzle & stallholder Afternoons with Albert.

Thank you from Co-Founders Sarah & Brooke…

In 2018 we’ve welcomed new team members and said farewell to a few too. With all of our powers combined, we hosted  six unforgettable events across Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. The Finders Keepers blockbuster weekends are the result of months of planning, hard yards and plenty of passion from a small but very dedicated team that work across the country all year round.

It’s with truck loads of thanks to this incredible team..

  • Lindsay – Your first full year aboard the FK ship and with a brand new baby on your hip no less. You welcomed Baby O and we welcomed you fully to our family. We don’t what we would do without you!
  • Monique -Your contribution to this year has been massive, from curation to decoration, and all of the fun you bring to our Insta Stories. Thank you for making everything look so goddamn good online and IRL.
  • Kitty – You’d never know you were the newest recruit, slipped straight on in – Like. A. Glove. Your upbeat manner and contagious smile will certainly go places; we’re so glad you’re with us.
  • Annalyse – Welcome back to work Mum. Baby Goldie is by far your best achievement but we love having you back to mann our brand. We’ve missed you.
  • Kathy – Our customer service superstar! You’ve transitioned into FK like a native from day 1. No job too big to tackle or small to bore you. Thanks for everything. Everyday.
  • Ash -So unassuming in nature but a fierce force behind the scenes. What a great impact you’ve had in not even a full year, we can’t wait to watch you grow in 2019.
  • Renee – We said goodbye to one of our longest standing gals. Your legacy will live on through the incredible systems and processes you so diligently created over the years. We still think of you (and Honey) everyday!
  • Rachel – We also said goodbye to our biggest stallholder supporter. Thanks for everything you did to support our community over your time here Rach. We appreciated it and know they did too!
  • Kaitlyn -It was short, but really sweet. Thanks for your enthusiasm, and efforts on the ground at our events. Keep wearing those FUN outfits.

    Community highlights; clockwise from top left, customers at Brisbane SS18, Marketing team purchases, debut Stallholders celebrating in Brisbane SS18 by Monique, Bea Bellingham Sydney SS18, Stallholders Nanna Woo and Jericho Clothing at BRisbane SS18 by Monique and Sydney SS18 captured by Samee Lapham.

    debut Benna Co Stall at FInders Keepers Melbourne AW18 captured by Samee Lapham

As well as our extended 2018 family…

  • Nik – You are the tech queen! We are so beyond thankful for all the hard work you have been doing in building and supporting our online databases. Thank you!
  • The boys behind the biz:  Luke for designing and managing all of our website needs and Ezra for all of your support with last minute signage and decor demands.
  • Thank you to all of the amazing team of casual event staff that worked with us throughout the entire year. We quite literally couldn’t do it without you all!
  • Our Vital Addition Finance Team – boy do we need you to keep things rolling on! Thank you!
  • Thank you to Lila from Oh Babushka for working on our SS18 Campaign and nailing all our graphic campaigns across print, advertising, digital and media!
  • To our returning photographer Samee Lapham; you continue to capture the magic for us. Thank you.
  • To our music programmer Georgia Mooney, and all the wonderful musicians and DJS! Thanks for helping our community discover new talent and making MUSIC so integral at the Finders Keepers weekends.
  • To the amazing artists: Magpie Goose and Leah Bartholomew who worked with us on our seasonal campaign illustrations in AW18 and SS18 respectively. The branding across all of our events has been successful in every way we ever imagined and more!
  • We also can’t forget to thank the talented group of artists that collaborated with us for SS18, Shuh., Trade the Mark, Eggpicnic, Saltys, Surfing Sloth and Laura Blythman – we loved watching our community interact with your art!
  • Special shout out to Matt and his crew at Dead East Bar Co. thanks for your smiles and cold beverages, you always kill it!
  • Our most heartfelt thanks goes to our 2018 supporters frankie, market stall co, Stone & Wood, The Bucha of Byron, Signwave Newtown, Dann Event Hire, Shillington Education, Go2Zone Water Filtering System, The Borrowed Nursery, Castle & Cubby, Lunch Lady and Tsuno.

Thank you to all of our Indigenous Program recipients!
Launching our Indigenous Program was a major highlight in 2018! We watched six recipients, across two seasons brighten our marketplace with their incredible talent and skill. We welcomed traditional arts and crafts alongside homewares, textiles, and clothing! The program exceeded every-last-one of our expectations. We not only honoured a new category of stallholders in our marketplace, but we also had an incredible time doing it. We learned a new way of doing things and watched customers revel in new design delights. Reflect on this year’s recipients and our incredible journey here.

SS18 ARtist Program recipient Leah Bartholomew at Finders Keepers Sydney SS18 captured by SAmee Lapham

THANK YOU to the wonderful makers, designers, artists, foodies and musicians that have devoted their time and amazing work to the markets!!

Last but not least, thank you each and every person that came along to shop small and support local independent business! Your love of  independent art & design makes us so happy.

The Finders Keepers are now officially on break from 21st December until 7th January 2019. BUT – a reminder that Sydney and Brisbane AW19 applications are open during this time. Our email markets@thefinderskeepers.com will be monitored for very important questions regarding applications.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS & keep scrolling for all of our AW19 information.

Sarah & Brooke
Event Co-founders and Directors xx

Finder Keepers director’s SArah and Brooke at Sydney AW18

Blushing COnfetti Stall at FInders Keepers Melbourne AW18 captured by Samee Lapham

But wait… there’s more!

Sydney and Brisbane AW19 Applications NOW OPEN!

Calling all artists, designers & makers – Sydney AND Brisbane applications for our Autumn Winter 2019 season are now open, and Melbourne you’re next! Join our community of creatives and expose your brand to a MASSIVE, eager and passionate audience! Sydney applications close THIS THURSDAY – get those applications in!

Market and Application Dates 2019:
To kick start the big year ahead, grab your diaries and note these important ‘save the dates’ for your 2018 market calendars. And check out our blog post here for a bunch of application updates!

Sydney AW19 Market
3-5 May 2019
Applications open: NOW OPEN
Applications close : 22nd December (WE EXTENDED IT FOR YOU!)

Brisbane AW19 Market
21-23 June 2019
Applications open: 17th December
Applications close : 18th January

Melbourne AW19 Market
12-14 July 2019
Applications open: 11th January
Applications close : 11th February

Melbourne SS19 Market
18-20 October 2019
Applications open : 12th April
Applications close : 13th May

Brisbane SS19 Market
8-10 November 2019
Applications open : 29th April
Applications close : 31st May

Sydney SS19 Market
6-8 December 2019
Applications open : 27th May
Applications close : 1st July

PPSSSSSST. If you’re reading this over the summer holidays and looking for a mini project, why don’t you freshen up your CV and apply for our NEW POSITION!

Ally Boom Boom & The Cool Bananas rocking it at Finders Keepers Melbourne SS18

Finders Keepers Sydney SS18 captured by Samee Lapham

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