Gift Guide: Winter at Home with Togetherness Design and Tara Whalley

As the weather starts to cool and we turn our attention inwards, our home becomes the perfect place to rest and rediscover ourselves.  With that in mind, this month we asked Melbourne locals Tara Whalley and Esther Sandler, who are no strangers to cold winters, to choose their favourite finds to the theme Winter at Home.

“Winter At Home means lots of our favourite deep blue colour, darker prints with bright highlights to make the gloomy season more fun, warm tea in handmade cups and love for the rainy city we live in – Melbourne!”

This warming collection of goodies can help inspire a thoughtful gift for someone special or even something for yourself!  Make sure you check out our other gift guides for curated collections of independent design!
Finders Keepers Gift Guide May Winter at Home Togetherness and Tara Whalley
1. Zibby cup by La Petite Fabrique De Brunswick
Tara: I bought one of these then went back and bought two other things.  I cannot walk away from blue and white
2. Midnight telescope leggings by ALAS
3. The School of Arts and Crafts  t–shirt by Caitin She
4. King Protea Night A4 Print by Edith Rewa
5. Loose Line Squiggle Dress by Tara Whalley
6. Midnight Reef socks by Julie White
7. Babylon Cushion Cover by Togetherness Design
8. Melbourne Patch by Stephanie Elicia

Images featured have be sourced from the designers listed.
Products picked by Esther Togetherness design and Tara of Tara Whalley.
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